Pawn Stars returning for third season on History

The Pawn Stars return for a thrilling third season, featuring bigger deals, better items and brutal negotiations…

In a brand new third season, the Pawn Stars return to HISTORY™ to use their sharp-eyed skills to carefully assess the value of objects ranging from the totally obscure to the truly historic.

The Gold & Silver Pawn shop is a family affair and with three generations of men from the Harrison family welcoming customers and fans of the show alike into the Las Vegas store. The Harrisons live and breathe the pawning business and season three promises to feature the rarest, the weirdest and the best of the items they’ll ever see. And, if the first two seasons are anything to go by we’ll see some tough bargaining as well as family dramas and feuds with each Harrison having his own idea about what sells!

The Pawn Stars attract customers from all over the world and they travel across America just to get a taste of the family in action. The Harrisons are presented daily with mysterious pieces of history, ranging from Winchester rifles and rare movie memorabilia to secret sundials and pinball machines.

Will there be a big bang of a deal, or will the negotiations be too much to handle? As always, tensions run high between the family and we can’t wait to see whether Grandfather ‘Old Man’ Richard and son Rick finally let Grandson, Corey take the lead or will he miss out on those vital deals?

Join the Pawn Stars only on HISTORY™ this November as they make and break each crucial sale that comes their way.

Mondays at 9pm on History.

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