Jay Ingram to step down as nightly co-host of Daily Planet

On this evening’s broadcast of DAILY PLANET, veteran co-host and producer Jay Ingram announced he would be stepping down from his nightly co-hosting duties at the end of the season.

Ingram is not retiring, but rather exploring opportunities to contribute to Discovery Channel’s pursuit of science stories – including content for DAILY PLANET – in a new way.

“Jay’s insatiable curiosity, his creativity and his ability to translate complex science into everyday language makes him not only a unique talent in Canada but in the world,” said Paul Lewis, Discovery Channel’s President and General Manager, and DAILY PLANET’s first Executive Producer. “We are both really excited at the possibilities for Jay to contribute on multi-platforms – television, online, mobile and print – to ensure that Discovery remains a leader in bringing together storytelling and the latest technologies.”

“Co-hosting DAILY PLANET has been an amazing chapter in my career. The show is all about ingenuity, imagination and ‘stick-to-itiveness’,” said Ingram.  “Whether it’s a backyard inventor or a scientist in a lab, at the core they’re all the same. Telling their stories and sharing their drive and passion is what’s made DAILY PLANET so compelling for our audience – and for me – for the last 15 seasons. Stepping down as full-time co-host will give me greater time and flexibility to find new ways to share the world’s most compelling science stories.”

Ingram has been at the helm of DAILY PLANET – the world’s first and only nightly science and technology show – for an incredible 16 years. Ingram joined Discovery Channel in November 1994 and was instrumental in helping shape the program format when it launched on January 1, 1995.  Earlier this season, together with co-host Ziya Tong, Ingram marked the milestone with the two-hour special, DAILY PLANET’S GREATEST SHOW EVER.

From space and sports to movies and microbiology, Ingram has made everyday science entertaining and accessible during his 15 seasons as co-host and producer of DAILY PLANET.  With an astonishing 3,000 episodes in the vault, breaking science news around the world – and indeed, beyond it – Ingram’s favourite highlights are many!  Big “firsts” include live coverage from Kazakhstan of the launch of the first module of the International Space Station, shuttle launches, and the momentous Phoenix lander arrival on the Red Planet. From Iqaluit and Russia to Australia and China – and indeed, even Mars – DAILY PLANET and Ingram have gone everywhere scientific breakthroughs are happening.

Ingram has tapped the biggest names and brightest minds in science, including meeting celebrated primatologist and anthropologist, Jane Goodall, at her home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; interviewing Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web – and learning why he passed up the opportunity to licence the technology for financial gain; and joking with renowned Professor Stephen Hawking… in an elevator. He is equally fascinated by the backyard inventors who aren’t household names and through DAILY PLANET could share their stories, such as asking inventor Perry Watkins about his 48cm-tall “Flatmobile,” the world’s lowest roadworthy car; meeting Newfoundland inventor Jim Meaney who creates solar panels from pop cans; and exploring Wally Wallington’s one-man reconstruction of Stonehenge.

Earlier this year, Ingram was appointed as a member to the Order of Canada for a lifetime of renowned service in communications. Other awards include the Sandford Flemming Medal, the Royal Society of Canada McNeil Medal, and a Michael Smith Award – each recognizing Ingram’s exceptional work bringing science to the mainstream. Before joining Discovery Channel, Ingram earned a Masters Degree in microbiology at the University of Toronto; he also holds honorary degrees from Carleton University, McGill University, McMaster University, King’s College. He also holds an honorary degree and is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Alberta. A prolific author, Ingram has written 11 books – most recently, Daily Planet: The Ultimate Books of Everyday Science – and three titles have won Canadian Science Writers Awards.

Ingram will maintain his co-hosting role until DAILY PLANET’s season finale in June. In the spring, viewers can look forward to a celebration of Ingram’s tenure with the show and new details regarding his ongoing role within Discovery Channel.

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