Derek and Meredith Won't Be Working Together?

As the show gets picked up again into the New Year, it looks like Derek’s Alzheimer’s project is set to begin. Here’s the thing though, it looks like it may be a major source of conflict for Meredith and Derek. Why? Because for once, he’s not going to allow his personal relationship to dictate who gets to work with him. In fact, according to reports, Derek won’t be allowing Meredith to participate at all. Since the study is all for her, he’s afraid that his judgement will be clouded. That all sounds fairly reasonable, right? Well, it seems Meredith will not agree with that and she’s going to prepare to go to war with the chosen resident due to her jealousy. After a season with Meredith and Derek drama at a minimum, it looks like things may be shaken up a bit soon!

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