November 2010

Friday, November 26 – 9pm ET/PT on Global

**Starring Academy Award� Winner Robin Williams (Old Dogs), Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Singer Joanna “JoJo” Leveque and Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Centre of the Earth)**

An overworked Bob Munro (Robin Williams) comes up with a plan for some quality family time. Instead of taking his family on their promised vacation to Hawaii, he suddenly announces a road trip to Colorado in a recreational vehicle. Bob’s wife, Jamie (Cheryl Hines), their 15-year-old daughter, Cassie (Joanna “JoJo” Levesque), and 12-year-old son, Carl (Josh Hutcherson), are less than excited about the new vacation plans, but Bob is determined to save both his family and – unbeknownst to the rest of the clan – his job.

9 p.m. ET/PT – Friday, November 26 on Space

Magnus responds to an anonymous call for help at an abandoned building. When she gets trapped inside, she discovers whomever made the call had a very different agenda.

8:00pm – Friday, November 26 on /A

Also airs at 9 p.m. AT on /A Atlantic and 9 p.m. MT on ACCESS|

Written and directed by John Hughes and starring Emilio Estevez (Bobby), Molly Ringwald (THE SECRET LIFE OF AN AMERICAN TEENAGER), Judd Nelson (Here and Now), Ally Sheedy (Noise) and Anthony Michael Hall (The Dark Knight), The Breakfast Club follows five teenagers from different high school cliques as they spend a Saturday in detention together and realize that they are all deeper than their respective stereotypes.

8 p.m. ET/ PT – Friday, November 26 on Space

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The CRTC (Canadian Radio & Television Commission) has denied Muchmusic’s application to decrease the amount of Music Videos it has to play. CTVglobemedia asked the commission to lower the amount of video broadcast from 50% to 25% citing the availablity of these videos on other platforms make the business not as viable as it use to be. They claim the model has changed drastically since the channel launched in 1984.

They wanted to move the channel into more “lifestyle” programming taking a page from it’s sister network MTV. It’s also worth nothing that MTV (MUSIC Television) cannot technically play any music/videos because their licence is currently based on the Talk TV format.

But Senior Vice President of MuchMTV, Brad Schwartz, still expects the change to happen at some point.

That being said the commision did approve Muchmusic’s request to play more films which will continue to air as the “MuchMovie”

Do we care that MuchMusic/MTV don’t play as much music videos anymore considering the availability of them online? Let us know.

Thursday, November 25 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Teams are tasked with writing, directing, producing and starring in a live sales segment on QVC, while Mr. Trump and Isaac Mizrahi watch the broadcast from New York City. When negotiating for the Isaac Mizrahi products they will sell, one team dupes the other and wins both their preferred product and sales time-slot. Facing Mr. Trump in the boardroom, the losing team battles it out, and another candidate is fired.

10 p.m. ET/PT – Thursday, November 25 on Space

George and Mitchell continue their respective relationships with Sam and Lucy while Annie is thrown into the world of motherhood when she is left to look after a baby ghost.

9:30pm – Thursday, November 25 on CTV

When teacher Molly Flynn (Melissa McCarthy) hears Officer Mike Biggs’ (Billy Gardell) “share” at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, she’s instantly smitten and invites him to come speak to her fourth grade class.

Thursdays, November 25 at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT on Bravo!

STORYTELLERS IN MOTION is a non-fiction series that documents the evolution of indigenous images in cinema and television through the eyes of directors, producers, writers and actors. Dennis Jackson and Melanie Jackson (Dec. 2), Tracey Deer (Dec. 9), Gail Maurice (Dec. 16), Joseph Dega Lazare (Dec. 23) and Thirza Cuthand (Dec. 30) are the talented storytellers featured this month.

Thursday, November 25 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

**Starring Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, Rock Band Green Day, Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds) and Academy Award� Winner Tom Hanks (Angels and Demons)**

After Homer accidentally pollutes the town’s water supply, Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the EPA and the Simpsons are declared fugitives.