MuchMusic's #1 hit series Pretty Little Liars returns Monday, Jan. 3

MuchMusic has a secret. Its biggest hit series in five years, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returns with all new episodes on Monday, Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. ET.

Viewers can now ring in the New Year with new secrets, new lies, and new betrayals. And no one loves juicy drama more than “A”.

It’s the series that had everyone texting up a storm and looking over their shoulder at the same time. The PRETTY LITTLE LIARS gripping summer finale left fans wondering what happened to Hanna, as she and her best friends Emily, Spencer, and Aria seek to find out who “A” really is.

Now fans get their fill of the seductive new drama that captivated them week after week with the mid-season return. But watch those texts – it’s anyone’s guess who “A” targets next.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS’ summer run garnered nearly 1.1 million unique viewers each week. Based on the first four episodes, the series holds the number one position for P2+ and Teens 12-17 on MuchMusic over the past five years. Now the wait is over as the girls of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS return.

And that’s not all. Fans get caught up on the scandalous drama when PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returns to the Much schedule with back-to-back encore episodes Tuesdays at

8 p.m. ET beginning Tuesday, Nov. 16. Then viewers get LIAR-ready all at once with the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS marathon leading up to the premiere, on Sunday, Jan. 2 at 12 p.m. ET.

In the returning episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, the all-knowing “A” is no longer just threatening to reveal secrets, but has stepped up the game where nothing is off limits. And while they work hard to protect what they know, the four girls are also on the hunt to learn the truth about what happened to Alison the night she disappeared. But when those truths start to come out, the Liars might not be prepared for what they must face when new secrets are revealed.

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