Canadian R&B singer Ivana Santilli to guest judge on Slice's Re-Vamped tonight

Celebrity guest judge, Canadian singer/songwriter Ivana Santilli, is an inspiration to Re-Vamped’s heartbroken women on Slice tonight at 10pm ET.

When the ladies pair up for the Torch Song Challenge, each pair is assigned a different style of music, from hip hop to rock and roll, and Ivana Santilli lends her expertise as they draft lyrics to illustrates how they felt about their breakups.

Later, the Canadian songstress acts as guest judge to determine which pair will win a studio recording of their song.

Also on tonight’s episode…

The women battle illness, injury and fatigue as they struggle through trainer, Roland Semprie’s grueling fitness regime. Charlene has her own personal battle to overcome. Monique is feeling the pressure as dance captain. They begin their solo dance routines with burlesque instructor, Kaitlyn Regehr, and get silly in improv.

Tune in to Re-Vamped II tonight at 10pm ET on Slice to find out which of the women will win a studio recording of their song. Encore presentations of this episode will air Saturday, November 20 at 6pm ET and Sunday, November 21 at 8pm ET on Slice.

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