Grey's Spoilers: Something Big About to Happen?

Well, we don’t really have the scoop just yet, but do know that the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy is sure to be an exciting one! It was alluded to in this week’s entry on the Grey’s writer blog.

Finally, what’d you all think about the Chief’s cryptic suggestion that things would be “different” around Seattle Grace in the coming weeks?  In the previous week’s episode Chief Webber was scrounging around for money, and suddenly in this one, he’s got a million dollar surplus?  I’m sworn to secrecy, but I can safely say that next week’s episode is a doozy, and completely unlike any other episode of Grey’s Anatomy you’ve seen before…

What could it be? Is the hospital about to get some huge benefactor? Is someone with a huge salary about to get fired? Is an entire department going to be cut from the hospital? Something is definitely up and it’s going to be big!!

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