Celine Dion’s husband talks twins with ETALK, Airing Monday and Tuesday on CTV

Just two days after the birth, ETALK’s Ben Mulroney speaks to an elated René Angélil about the miraculous arrival of his twin boys with wife Celine Dion in an interview airing Monday, October 25 at 7 p.m. ET and Tuesday, October 26 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV. Angélil reveals the most intimate moments from inside Celine’s delivery room over the weekend.

On whether the boys look alike:

Angélil: “They do look alike but maybe they won’t look alike in a few months because they are not identical twins.”

On the couple’s past struggles with fertility:

Angélil: “We have tried five times since March 2009 to conceive. It’s very hard for the woman, all of the injections and the ultrasounds, and the visits to the doctors and blood draws. She did that for a year and a half so when Saturday at 11:11 came, and they showed us the first baby that was crying, we were crying. It was a very emotional moment, and even though we didn’t speak to each other, we were both thinking about the time it took. We are very lucky, very privileged and very fortunate to have these boys.”

On what older son Rene Charles thinks of the new additions:

Angélil: “He was very, very happy that it was boys. I remember a few months ago when his mom told him the day we would find out the sex of the baby, his reaction pointing to his mom’s belly was ‘I hope there’s not too many girls in there.’”

On when Celine will return to work:

Angélil: “The show that she is going to do in Las Vegas is all set up. We had the meetings in Florida. The pacing of the show is done, the songs are chosen, the special effects – they are working on it, we have a whole team that has been working for a year and a half and they are still working on it. We know she is going to start rehearsing January 17 with the band, a 31-piece band, and they are going to come to Florida. It gives her three months to recoup and she thinks she can do it.”

On future play dates:

Ben: “I can’t tell you how many people here in Canada are so happy for you and Celine and of course, for Rene Charles for being a new brother, and I wanted to let you know if you need any advice on twins to give me a call.  I’ll be down in Florida at Christmas time, if you want to have a play date just let me know.”

Angélil: “That would be great. We will take you up on that.” 

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