Canada's Worst Driver 6 returns October 25 on Discovery

Last Fall – gripped by grinding gears, shocked by speeders, and offended by fender-benders – viewers nationwide left their cars in the driveway, stayed home and tuned in to CANADA’S WORST DRIVER.

And now it’s back… The #1-ranked Canadian series on specialty television*, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER, returns to Discovery Channel on Monday, October 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  Buckle up! Season 6 promises to be the bumpiest ride yet! 

Host Andrew Younghusband returns with a new group of dreadful drivers for Season 6 of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER, Oct. 25 on Discovery Channel

With a weekly reach of over four million viewers last Fall** – and a landmark Season 5 finale drawing an audience in excess of one million viewers*** – the smash hit series returns with host Andrew Younghusband and features new drivers, new challenges and countless cringe-inducing and water cooler-worthy moments, plus exclusive online content at 

CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 follows eight disastrous drivers from across the country – each nominated by a friend, family member or colleague – as they are put through their paces in a controlled driving environment and evaluated by a panel of driving experts. Can their bad behind-the-wheel behaviours be curbed at Driver Rehab with expert coaching and a little cajoling? Week by week, one driver will earn the right to merge back onto Canada’s roadways, until there is only one unlucky driver left at the side of the road, owning the dubious title of Canada’s Worst Driver.

Since its debut in 2005, almost 50 drivers have undergone CANADA’S WORST DRIVER’s unique brand of intensive rehab.  And yet, there is no shortage of delinquent drivers still terrorizing Canadian roadways! Host Younghusband is back with arguably the worst batch of drivers we’ve ever seen. Each episode through the eight-part series features some tried-and-tested challenges – and unique to Season 6, some “lessons from the racetrack” in speed performance fundamentals – to push the drivers to their limits and teach them crucial safe driving skills. 

To the secure the safety of unwitting drivers and pedestrians everywhere, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 assembled a panel of driving experts who put these driving menaces through tests designed to improve their motor skills. After first confiscating their licenses, the experts corral these driving menaces and enrol them in a “crash course” at the Driver Rehabilitation Centre. Once there, the participants meet the team of experts, including:  Cam Woolley, traffic expert and former OPP sergeant, returning for a sixth season; Philippe Létourneau, a professional high-performance driving instructor, back for a third season;  and Peter Mellor, an instructor with the Advanced Motoring Bureau (AMB) who joins the panel for a second season. And new to Season 6, psychotherapist Dr. Lauren Kennedy-Smith will examine some of the issues behind the drivers’ horrible habits.

Before rehab, these devastating drivers were marked by everything from multiple driver’s licence exam failure and seven-time driving suspensions, to paralyzing fear of reversing, hills and parallel parking. The experts have their work cut out for them! Behind the wheel for Season 6, the participants are:

· Paul, from Collingwood, ON, is a former stunt motorcyclist who has logged countless kilometres on his bike… but next-to-none on four wheels. But after relocating to Collingwood, Paul needs the skills and training to tackle winter driving conditions – and keep his temper in check.

· Jamie, from Hampton, NB, is paralyzed by fear behind the wheel after hitting an elderly couple. And the stairs to her house. And her husband’s truck – twice.  She failed her driving exam four times and is an emotional wreck on the road.

· Lawrence, from Ottawa, ON, has only been driving since February 2010, after getting busted for driving uninsured and without a licence at age 16. Lawrence saved, bought a car and is ready to enjoy the freedom of the open road – except that he’s so nervous and suffers near-panic attacks on Ottawa city streets. He also drives a standard car… but really shouldn’t.

· Dale, from St. Catharines, ON, is clueless about the rules of the road. This charming granny wants to learn and improve, but no one is brave enough to get in the car with her. She’s spent $50,000 on replacing and fixing cars she’s damaged. She even hit a police car while he was writing her a ticket.

· Dean, from St. Laurent, QC, is originally from Zimbabwe and he’s having difficulty adjusting to Canadian driving rules. Even basic ones, like which side of the road to drive on, obeying stop signs (optional?) and speeding.

· Brad, from Calgary, AB, has racked up so many accidents and tickets that his wife and father-in-law have banned him from driving.  But a change in family circumstances is forcing Brad back on the road – whether we’re ready for him or not.

· Diane, from Edmonton, AB, cannot park between two cars, cannot drive at night, cannot drive in the rain… or in fact drive beyond her five-kilometre comfort zone.  But trapped in the suburbs, this lovable mom needs to overcome her limitations behind the wheel.

· Scott, from Chestermere, AB, is addicted to the rush and adrenaline of weaving in and out of traffic at extreme speeds.  With the heaviest lead foot that this series has ever seen, Scott just might be Canada’s most dangerous driver.

Highlights from the first episode of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 include:

CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5: “Ready, Set, Go!”

Mon., Oct. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Eight of the country’s most appalling drivers and their nominators begin their remedial treatment process by first driving to The Rehab Centre, situated at an undisclosed Ontario training location. A Basic Assessment Challenge reveals a dreadful lack of even the most fundamental driving abilities in all of the candidates. The experts consider this bunch to be the worst group of drivers ever sentenced to CWD Rehab – the collision course is set and it’s anybody’s guess as to who will ultimately be branded Canada’s Worst Driver.

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