Young at Heart

Despite being the 21st season of Survivor, the producers have still managed to find new elements in how they could revitalize the show and introduce some new twists to the game.

The chick with an prosthetic leg, Kelly Bruno on the 30 and under tribe La Flor, and on the older tribe, Espada, former NFL coach and winner of two Super Bowls, Jimmy Johnson.  And the new coveted necklace, The Medallion of Power, offering an advantage to the tribe who holds it.

I’m not sure what to make of the Old vs Young theme this time around.  I guess if you’re an older guy, there’ll be less opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the younger, bikini clad babes of Survivor Nicaragua.  Perhaps what makes up for that is being given a pep talk by one of Super Bowls greatest coaches.

Of all the characters who were annoying, Wendy was definitely the weirdest.  The minute they played the interview with her and she told us that her husband thought she’d be the first to go home you just knew she was a contender.  

The other contender to have drawn some mocking is Judson Birza who has affectionately been renamed by his tribemates as Fabio.  Charming.

La Flor obtain the Medallion of Power thanks to Brenda Lowe.  When offered flint and fishing gear in exchange for it they pass it up and Espada take ownership of it.  When it comes time to play it though, the oldies decide that they want to make a statement and pass up an advantage at the immunity challenge.  It backfires and they lose.  

At Tribal, Wendy finally decides to blab and blab and blab about why she should stay.  Begging aint a good look and her torch is extinguished.

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