X-Weighted returns to Slice on October 14

Thirteen courageous families engage in their own unique battle of the bulge when an all-new fifth season of the Gemini award-winning documentary series X-Weighted returns to Slice™ with a second installment of X-Weighted: Families. The one-hour 13-part series, which was filmed in Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver, premieres Thursday, October 14 at 8pm ET. 

X-Weighted: Families brings dramatic family dynamics and life’s realities to the forefront,shedding light on the truth and consequences of the growing obesity epidemic. It is the parents who become scared straight at the horrifying health of their children and soon realize that this may be their last chance to finally conquer their daily struggle with overeating and life threatening nutrition choices. 

Family members share honest, gut wrenching confessions about their learned behavior with physical and emotional challenges, their addictions to junk food, and their quest to live a life free of pain and suffering. In the most gripping season to-date, X-Weighted: Families takes viewers behind-the-scenes and into the homes of Canadian families and exposes critical issues contributing to their expanding waistlines, such as: 

• An overweight teen who is driven to thoughts of suicide because of relentless bullying. 

• A young girl who suffers from severe anxiety self medicates with food causing her weight to spiral out of control. 

• A shocking addiction to junk food has one family spending nearly $1000 a month at the convenience store alone. 

• After the death of her father, a 16 year-old girl turns to food to cope with her grief…butonly becomes more depressed as her weight climbs to new heights. 

• Routine blood work reveals frighteningly high cholesterol…in a 14 year old. 

“Last season X-Weighted turned its focus from individual weight loss in adults to the issue of childhood obesity, following families in their heartbreaking struggle to overcome unhealthy lifestyles,” said Vanessa Case, Vice President, Content, Slice™, Canwest Broadcasting. “X-Weighted: Families is back for an inspiring second season, continuing to shed light on the astonishing epidemic sweeping the country.” 

“This season speaks volumes of just how out of control our obesity epidemic has become in Canada. Our families reveal how economic, cultural and life changing circumstances can deteriorate the bond of the family and result in despair and hopelessness,” said Margaret Mardirossian, Executive Producer and President, Anaid Productions. “There is, however, much hope in reversing this disease as demonstrated by members of these extraordinary families sharing their transformations with the world.” 

X-Weighted: Families’ fitness expert and one of Canada’s most recognized personal trainers,Paul Plakas returns again this season with his trademark no-nonsense and cut-through-the-BS observations. He takes each family through the appalling Cupboard Purge where they say goodbye to a milieu of comfort foods and sugar-laden treats. Dr. David Macklin, one of Canada’s leading physicians in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, shares his medical expertise with the families, dispensing advice on appropriate weight loss goals, healthy nutritional choices and at times dispensing stern warnings as a result of ghastly blood tests that reveal a host of obesity related ailments including high cholesterol, high uric acid levels and type 2 diabetes. More frightening than the results themselves is the fact that these symptoms, commonly thought of as “adult” issues, are often surfacing in the children.

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