W5 launches 45th season with an incredible story of survival at sea, Saturday, Oct. 2 on CTV

W5, Canada’s #1 current affairs series, kicks off its 45th season with a miraculous tale of survival at sea, delivering a premiere that brings viewers into the eye of the storm that capsized and sank the SV Concordia last February. Premiering Saturday, October 2 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV, “Disaster At Sea” airs again on Sunday, October 3 at 12 noon on CTV and at 1 p.m. ET on CP24, and then on demand on the CTV Video Player at CTV.ca (visit CTV.ca for local listings).

W5 details the voyage of the tall ship Concordia in its final moments, with a crew of mostly Canadian students aboard attending the West Island College Class Afloat program, based in Lunenburg, N.S. Featuring powerful interviews with the students and crew from the ship, W5’s Sandie Rinaldo takes viewers on a journey that recounts the shocking and emotional tale of teens shipwrecked at sea after a freak storm. What emerges is an in-depth account of the young sailors desperately clambering aboard rafts, clinging to life in raging winds and a seething sea.

It took just 18 minutes for the Concordia to slip beneath the waves. In gripping interviews the survivors describe watching the ship go down, taking along with it most of its radio equipment. Separated in life rafts hundreds of kilometres off the coast of South America, the students had no way of knowing if everyone had survived – or the condition of those who’d escaped the doomed vessel.

For 41 terrifying hours, the teens experienced severe nausea and weakness. Each terrible hour at sea dulled any hope of being saved, until the dramatic moment when rescue aircraft from Brazil spotted them and directed freighters to the flotilla of orange life rafts. With never-before-seen footage of Concordia, just minutes before she went to the bottom of the sea, caught by a student on amateur video, W5 takes viewers on a compelling and terrifying journey through the near-disaster, to the good fortune that brought them safely home.

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