New series of Pawn Stars coming to History

In the dusty outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada you’ll find the Harrison family – three generations of one family whose business is pure pawn.

The world-famous Pawn Stars are returning to HISTORY™ for a 2nd series and as masters of their trade, this family of pawnbrokers must establish the authenticity and value of each and every unique item. Each day the Pawn Stars meet their customers and are presented with an array of ‘treasure’ – from pirate chests, Charles Lindbergh’s propellers to rusty knives and ancient rifles – they see it all… but they never quite know what will be coming next…

Series 2 rejoins the family business and it is booming. The Pawn Stars teach viewers valuable lessons about haggling and the history behind one-of-a-kind, vintage items. Not everything always goes to plan, of course and tensions run high in the family. Grandfather Richard, son Rick and grandson Corey all fight for first right to an item but conflicts arise between Rick and ‘Old Man’ as they question Corey’s judgement on vital items. Who will strike it lucky in Pawn?

There’s always an opportunity to learn something new for this family and we join their trials and tribulations as they open up for business. Watch as the Harrison family learns to separate fact from fiction in order to get the best deal possible. When one of the most expensive American race cars, a 1965 classic Shelby Cobra arrives at the shop, will the team figure out if it’s in fact a fake or will the experts come to their rescue?

Negotiation plays a huge part for the team. It’s their bread and butter and their reputation on the line so, can they make a truly explosive deal or will the customer strike it lucky leaving them out of pocket?

You’ll have to tune in to Pawn Stars every Monday on HISTORY at 9PM if you too want to watch the Pawn Stars in action.


Only on HISTORY™

TX: Every Monday from 20th September at 9PM


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