Global News takes Canada's Pulse

The results of the second annual Global News Ipsos-Reid CANADA’S PULSE poll indicate that the economy, food safety and personal happiness are just some of the issues that concern Canadians this fall.

Over five nights, the thoughts, concerns and aspirations of every day Canadians will be revealed starting Monday, September 27 on Global National, local newscasts and online at

The CANADA’S PULSE poll presents some fascinating insights into the country’s varying regional opinions and concerns about a myriad of issues.  

“Our Canada’s Pulse poll provides a unique snapshot of what’s on the minds of Canadians,” says Troy Reeb, Senior Vice-President of News and Current Affairs. “It not only touches on major national and local issues, but provides exclusive insight into the changing nature of our society. Ultimately, it helps Canadians learn more about their neighbours and themselves.”

Beginning Monday, Global National anchor Dawna Friesen begins CANADA’S PULSE coverage as the newscast explores the following topics:

Monday, Sept 27:  The Economy.    How are we recovering from the recession?  Do Canadians feel more secure about their financial future? Has the federal stimulus package really worked? What about our retirement plans?

Tuesday, Sept 28:   Food Safety      Are we becoming more concerned about what we put on the table? Has our interest in healthy, responsible eating been on the increase? Would lower prices mean Canadians would eat more ‘organically?’

Wednesday, Sept 29:  Afghanistan   How do we feel about the end of our mission?  Should we be leaving or should we stay and finish the job? Have our soldiers died in vain?

Thursday, Sept 30:  Technology       Has the proliferation of electronic devices made life easier? Where in the country have they had the least impact?

Friday, Oct 1:  Personal Happiness   Where are the happiest Canadians? Do we like where we live? What about our sex lives? Did the Olympics give us a permanent morale boost?

After nightly coverage on Global National, local newscasts take over and deal with Canada’s Pulse results important to their communities. Everything from attitudes about municipal politics, crime, transportation issues, taxes, and more will be examined. Viewers are in for some surprising findings.

For viewers that want to learn even more, offers a wealth of additional background and companion stories that expand upon the issues identified on the national front and in local markets.  All key data have been posted online so visitors can drill down through various categories including age, gender and location.  

Plus visitors to can share this unique information through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Global National airs at 5:30pm nationally; 6:30pm in the Maritimes; and 7:30pm in Newfoundland on NTV.

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