CBC's Marketplace launches the Big Gym Ripoff Search

Big-time fitness club and gym chains equal big-time business with annual revenues in Canada in excess of $2 billion. Fully five million Canadians currently hold gym or fitness club memberships.

However, lots of clients are reporting problems.

CBC’s award-winning consumer watchdog program MARKETPLACE is calling on Canadians to share their stories through the Big Gym Ripoff Search: you tell us—how bad is it? What horror stories do you have?

Viewers can submit their experiences online beginning Aug. 30 at http://www.cbc.ca/gymripoff

“Instead of getting ripped, people are getting ripped off. Year after year, the exploitative terms of gym memberships rank among the top ten consumer complaints reported to government,” said Erica Johnson, co-host of MARKETPLACE. “For the first time ever, we’re offering Canadians a chance to tell their stories so that we can expose which gym chains most need to snap themselves into shape.” 

The new season of MARKETPLACE begins in January 2011.

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