SYTYCDC Season 3 Auditions - Toronto

I’d forgotten just how much fun So You Think You Can Dance Canada is.  Dancing is intense. People pushing their bodies to the limit in the auditions just to get themselves a boarding pass to the finals. It’s amazing that we don’t see more broken bones and torn ligaments!

Amanda Cleghorn – 18, Mississauga, ON Imogen Heap, between sheets.  Amanda doesn’t want to be in the shadow of her older sister any longer.  The first audition of the day and the first ticket to the finals.

Aneal Ramkissoon, 18, Woodbridge, ON It’s all about Bollywood for Aneal.  If you want diversification then this is it.  If you want a ticket though, try harder next year.

Jenna Speir, 18, London, ON.  She’s incredible to watch. (Sarah McLachlan – Possession).  Mary thinks she’s top 20 material and it’s hard to disagree with her.  She’s through to the choreography round.

Ajamu “Freezy” Eversley, 24, Mississauga, ON. Benchmark is an understatement. Loads of conviction too. All that and a finals berth.

Yana Gorodjanova, 19, Woodbridge, ON is back in 2010 after missing out on the final place in the Top 20 in 2009.  Her audition is like a stage show in its own right. She’s through to the finals.

Roxanne Mignacco, 24, Montreal, QC is a professional cheerleader (Evacuate the Dancefloor – Cascada) but she doesn’t hit it today.

Sarah Vance, 22 from Waterloo, ON, was the 100th test tube baby in Canada.  (Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol) It doesn’t have nearly anywhere near the same energy as a lot of other dancers we’ve seen.  She’s very happy looking. Very happy to be through to bootcamp!

Rodrigo Basurto, 25 from Toronto, ON has been taking ballet lessons since we last saw him with Shavar Blackwood, 24 from Toronto, ON.  Rodrigo gets bootcamp while Shavar gets a boarding pass.

Christian “Cee” Ancheta, 22 from Kanata, ON is the Unitard guy from Season two.  Wow.  How could he not be getting his boarding pass.

Caroline Holody, 18 from Brampton, ON is a ballroom dancer who only really wants the opinion of one of our judges, Jean Marc Genereux. It’s bootcamp for her.

Alvin Collantes, 20 from Mississauga, ON is a contemporary dancer who is simply incredible to watch. His second year in a row getting a boarding pass.

Enisa Mulic, 20 from London, ON seems to be at the wrong audition.  Perhaps she should just stick to the clubs.

Kirstie Keenan, 18 from Bolton, ON is a real story teller with her movements.  She has a story about dancing for her mother and grandmother.  She’s through to choreography but she’s pretty much guaranteed a place in the next round.

Jonathan “JR” Roumain, 23 from Montreal, QC has an awesome mix of slow and fast moves that impress. Through he is.

Dwayne “Boneless” Gulston, 22 from Toronto, ON is hoping to make it through like is 6″8 tall brother did.  Yes.. They’re both through to the finals.

Charlene Hart, 23 from Abbotsford, BC lost her dress in Season 2 as it came undone from around her neck.  This year she’s wearing a long sleeve top that should stop that from happening.  She gets through to choreography.

Nisheeth Proshanti, 22 from Toronto, ON brings her indian culture to the stage.

Jesse Weafer 24 from Aurora, ON thinks he can dance.  He’s full of energy and there’s a ticket with his name on it.

Matthew Cuff, 20 from Mississauga, ON is all about bringing vogue to the So You think You Can Dance Canada stage.  It’s choreography for him.

Nina Strazzulla, 20 from Winona, ON is an acrobat. She is hot to watch with all those tumbles.  She’s straight through to the finals!

Jennifer Abbey, 23 from Toronto, ON brings her hip hop through to bootcamp.

Andrew Chung, 23 from Toronto, ON is adamant he’ll be in the top 20. He gets a ticket to his dreams.

Graeme Goodhall, 24 from Etobicoke, ON is through to choreography.

It’s the third time auditioning for Lisa Frias, 24 from Caledon, ON.  She gets a yes to choreography which is further than she’s been before.

Patrizia Gianforcaro, 24 from Woodbridge, ON is going to the finals.  

At bootcamp, it’s the most punishing hour of choreography from Blake McGrath.  There is good news for so many dancers and heartbreak for others.  In fact, it’s the most bootcampers who have ever made it through to the finals.


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