August 2010

8 p.m. ET – Sunday, August 29 on Space

The veil of secrecy surrounded Atlantis is lifted with an unprecedented exploration, probing back through the murky mists of time in search of the lost city. Hosted by Natalie Morales.

It was 1985, and Betsey Johnson, Bob Mackie and Oscar de la Renta were top designers. Monika Schnarre was on the verge of supermodel stardom. Shoulder pads and big hair were de rigueur. Madonna and Princess Di were fast becoming fashionplates, and MIAMI VICE and DYNASTY were arbiters of style.

Making sense of it all was a new concept in fashion reporting: Canada’s own FASHIONTELEVISION (FT).

A quarter of a century later, and now licensed in 140 countries, CTV’s FASHIONTELEVISION celebrates 25 historic years as one of the world’s longest-running fashion series with the release of a commemorative magazine, a star-studded birthday bash, and the premiere of its 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, airing Sunday, September 12 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV (check local listings).

“This is an incredible moment for the series – a milestone that could not pass without celebrating in style,” said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. “FASHIONTELEVISION is an icon. Over the years it has set the bar for fashion producing and reporting, making fashion accessible to audiences worldwide.”

Jeanne Beker has been hosting since Day 1 and has gone on to become one of the international fashion scene’s most respected journalists, and a fashion icon herself. Within the first year, she was interviewing the likes of Linda Evangelista, Donna Karan and Gianni Versace, beginning to lay the ground work for their inevitable iconic status. By its second year, FT was travelling to the fashion capitals of the world and, in its unique and trailblazing format, rubbing shoulders backstage with Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, and Naomi Campbell.

A quarter century later, FASHIONTELEVISION’s raw style of fashion reporting and commitment to its audience, has made it a legend in the industry, and allowed its team to develop close relationships with the world’s top designers, including Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford. 

“The only constant in this arena is change, and witnessing the way the industry has grown – and the way we’ve grown along with it – has been exhilarating,” said Jeanne Beker, host of FASHIONTELEVISION. “I never would have imagined that a quarter century later, I’d still be enthusiastically pursuing designers in my stilettos, but the thrill of the chase, coupled with the fact that we’ve managed to influence and edify an entire generation of fashion fans, continues to excite and inspire me. My passion for what we do hasn’t waned a bit in all these years. And I know our faithful viewers share that passion.” 

Thousands of international profiles later, FASHIONTELEVISION has covered everything from street fashion to haute couture, unequivocally becoming a homegrown success story as Canada’s longest running fashion series. The series’ extensive style coverage remains at the forefront of the industry and a cut above all others.

FT’s outstanding 25th season kicks off with the premiere of the one-hour commemorative 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL. The special digs deep into FT’s archives to tell the story of a pivotal time in fashion. It was an explosive era that created the first supermodel, the celebrity designer, and a boundary-pushing sexuality in fashion advertising.

Here, FT revisits all the innovators, troublemakers and risk-takers that have helped make the fashion scene so vital and fascinating. The special premieres on CTV Sunday, September 12 at 7 p.m. ET/PT, with encore presentations on CTV Monday, September 13 at 10 a.m. ET/PT, on Star! Sunday, September 12 at 8 p.m ET / 5 p.m. PT, and Saturday September 18 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT; and on FashionTelevisionChannel Sunday, September 12 at 9 p.m ET / 6 p.m. PT and Monday, September 13 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.

“On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we’ve dug deep into our archives to tell the story of a pivotal era in fashion, and to revisit the colourful characters we’ve met along the way,” said Jay Levine, Supervising Producer of FASHIONTELEVISION. “They’re the people behind the story, those who make the fashion world so vital and fascinating.” 

The catwalk meets the sidewalk at the legendary corner of Toronto’s Queen and John Streets for FT’s 25th anniversary celebration event, which gathers Canada’s fashion elite and glitterati together to toast the series’ 25 years of excellence in fashion reporting. The event launches FT’s limited edition 25th anniversary magazine, a 208-page commemorative glossy that chronicles the many milestones and defining moments of FT’s global iconic success.

This collectors’ edition captures the essence of the finest TV moments in fashion, design and architecture, along with people and places that excited, inspired and entertained viewers around the world. A visual scrapbook, the cover features Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha. Produced by FASHIONTELEVISION in association with Geoffrey Dawe & Co and Mamone & Partners, the magazine is available mid-September at select retailers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. 

For more FT programming information and up-to-the minute updates surrounding FT’s 25th anniversary season including exclusive photos and videos, log onto 

7:00pm – Sunday, August 29 on CTV

Broadcasting live from the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, the one-hour event co-hosted by ACCESS HOLLYWOOD’s Billy Bush, Maria Menounos and New York Times best-selling author Nate Berkus (THE NATE BERKUS SHOW) features more stars, fashion and glamour than ever before. Nominees, presenters and special guests will interact with the red carpet co-hosts and special segments will be highlighted throughout the hour.

The secret history of the global financial collapse kicks off a new season of CBC Television’s flagship documentary series, Doc Zone, with the first instalment of the four-part series MELTDOWN, on Sept. 9 at 9 p.m. (9:30 p.m. NT).  

Trillions of dollars have been spent jump-starting economies and rescuing financial institutions over the past two years, and yet the financial collapse that started in 2008 continues to send shock waves around the globe. Now, MELTDOWN traces the stories of the bankers who crashed the world, the leaders who struggled to save it—and the ordinary families who got crushed.

The CBC’s Terence McKenna takes viewers behind the headlines and behind the scenes—into the backrooms of the highest levels of governments and financial institutions from Wall Street to Dubai to China—and reveals the backstabbing and the tension as the world comes dangerously close to another Great Depression.

MELTDOWN’s cast of characters includes Geraint Anderson, a.k.a. City Boy, a hippie-turned-stockbroker in England who reveals the dirty secrets of high finance; Dick Fuld, the former CEO of Lehman Brothers, who boasted that he would rip out and eat his enemies’ hearts, but watched his own empire collapse; and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the self-styled CEO of Dubai Inc., who built a real estate empire that turned out to be largely a mirage.

Viewers will also meet desperate homeowners in California, disillusioned autoworkers at the end of the line in Ontario, and furious workers in France who shocked the world by kidnapping their own bosses. To date, no major banking, regulatory or government figures have been convicted of any wrongdoing.

Hosted by Ann-Marie MacDonald, Doc Zone airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. (9:30 p.m. NT) on CBC Television and Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBC News Network. Following MELTDOWN, which airs on Sept. 9, 16, 23 and 30, Doc Zone continues with such ground-breaking new documentaries as WE SHALL REMEMBER THEM, a Remembrance Day special that profiles Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan; THOROUGHLY MODERN MARRIAGE, a look at how an ages-old institution has endured and evolved into the 21st century; and MIRACLE PRODUCTS, which puts to the scientific test the panoply of potions and gadgets that promise to defy aging—can these things possibly work?

12 a.m. ET/PT – Sunday, August 29 on Comedy Network

When his therapist advised him to keep a journal of his life, comedian Mike Birbiglia never thought about making the details public. This live special features a riotous selection of his insights and observations.

10:30pm – Saturday, August 28 on CTV

Sketches include David Caruso’s real life crime, a group therapy session; the Gadalinski’s bridal shop; Alec Baldwin’s bedtime story; and Jack Ass Dad.


Isn’t it so good to have a Canadian reality TV show on the air?  Thanks CTV!

Bad news for Shelaina Anderson.  Before we even get to a performance show and Shelaina has injured herself in rehearsals and cracked one of the bones in her foot.  The injury doesn’t just affect Shelaina though.  Her partner for tonight is going to be getting a stand in and according to Jean Marc, it’s a big surprise. Who is it? Season two winner Tara-Jean Popowich of course!

So here is the run down of what happened!

Yonni Fournier & Claudia Primeau
Style: Salsa
Choreographer: Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin
Calabria 2008 (feat. Natasja), Enur

Mary: I think these two shook it just right
Luther: That was great technique
Blake: I think you’re the sexiest woman we’ve ever had on this show Claudia
Tre: You remind me of a sexy Antonio Banderas Yonni
Jean Marc: You are the salsa gangsta Yonni


Kirsten Wicklun & Jera Wolfe
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Fireflies – Ron Pope

Mary: That really was beautiful.
Luther: That was a great, great job.
Blake: That was refreshing.
Tre: That was like Twilight on stage.
Jean Marc: I want more of Mandy Moore.


Amanda Cleghorn & Denys Drozdyuk
Style: Tango
Choreographer: Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin
Grand Guignol – Bajofondo

Mary: Great technique.  Everyone is going to want to partner with you 
Luther: Really, really impressive.
Blake: Damn, that was hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!
Tre: I can’t flirt, my boyfriend will get mad. Beautiful, well done!
Jean Marc: That was engaging, powerful and seductive.


Charlene Hart & Jeff Mortensen
Style: Jive
Choreographer: Danny Arbour
Celebrity Status – Marianas Trench

Mary: You had a little bit of bad luck tonight but I know you can do better than that.
Luther: It’s refreshing to see you with a partner Jeff
Blake: You’re like the two little carebears of the competition
Tre: This show has peaks and valleys but you finished strong
Jean Marc: A little shaky start but some great choreography


Sebastian Mersch & Danielle Gardner
Style: Bollywood
Choreographer: Longinus Fernandes
Tera Hi Jalwa – Sajid-Wajid, Earl E.D. & Wajid (Wanted Cast)

Mary: It wasn’t bad or great, it was in the middle.
Luther: I think this was the perfect way for the world to be introduced to you.
Blake: I thought you did a really good job and I had fun watching it.
Tre: I think it was a very good example of bollywood from the movies.
Jean Marc: I wanted it a little sharper.


Jonathan Arsenault & Kloe Schultz
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Sho-Tyme
X Gon’ Give it To Ya – DMX

Mary: You guys were like two pitbulls attacking that thing
Luther: I think you did a really good job
Blake: You have a presence and a confidence about you that I love
Tre: You guys matched each other and held it together
Jean Marc: 


Jesse Weafer & Julia Harnett
Style: New Disco
Choreographer: Melissa Williams
Fame (Glam as You Remix) – Lady Gaga

Mary: I think you guys rocked the disco ball
Luther: Good Work
Blake: Good luck to the both of you
Tre: Julia, you are so beeping sexy
Jean Marc: I love it!


Shavar Blackwood & Janick Arseneau
Style: Afro Jazz
Choreography: Sean Cheesman
Dances With Wood / Baba – Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussain, Sikiru Adepoju & Giovanni Hidalgo

Mary: You were so exciting and uninhibited Janick. You just tore this up Shavar.
Luther: I was waiting to hear the jungle and animals and I saw it.
Blake: On the whole I thought it was great.
Tre: Hell yeah, you lived up to the choreography.
Jean Marc: You guys are money players. You dance when it counts and you set the stage on fire.


MacKenzie Green & Nathalie Heath
Style: Vienesse Waltz
Choreographer: Pierre Allaire
For the nights I can’t remember – Hedley

Mary: You looked like you stepped out of a dream tonight
Luther: I was totally caught up in that
Blake: That was like the dream sequence from a movie
Tre: Magical moments!
Jean Marc: That suited you perfectly.


Bree Wasylenko & Edgar Gilbert-Reyes
Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Jaeblaze
OMG (feat. will.I.Am) – Usher

Mary: Edgar, you were great. Bree, you’re the biggest surprise for me tonight. You need some transportation. 
Luther: Both y’all were amazing.
Blake: Wow. I did not expect that and I couldn’t take my eyes off you.
Tre: Call off the show, this is it.
Jean Marc: Great chemistry.


Hani Abaza & Tara-Jean Popowich (Shelaina Anderson’s replacement)
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Nico Archambault & Wynn Holmes
That’s how Strong My Love Is – Otis Redding

Mary: You were there for your partner every step of the way
Luther: To go from having one partner to having to get used to another is a difficult thing.
Blake: It was beautiful to watch.
Tre: If I’d known the future, I wouldn’t have sent Shelaina home in Season 2.
Jean Marc: Hani, you are the real deal.


What a night.  I’m not sure Kloe was as good as the judges suggested she was. Definitely a massive challenge for her but it wasn’t tight at all.  Kirsten would have to be my favourite of the girls.  She’s just delicious to watch.  

It’ll be a tough call at the elimination with Shelaina out.  What is going to be fair if she is able to come back next week? The drama that will unfold at the elimination!

Who were your faves?


10:00pm – Saturday, August 28 on CTV

Debra DiGiovanni has been quoted as one of Canada’s fastest rising stand-up talents. Her comedy has a sharp edge while maintaining a playful air. DiGiovanni’s dynamic onstage personality coupled with a hilarious and very relatable act is what makes her so popular. Her humour and charm lie within her unflinching honesty and openness. She is a two-time Canadian Comedy Award winner, finalist of NBC’s LAST COMIC STANDING, and star of MuchMusic’s VIDEO ON TRIAL and STARS ON TRIAL.

10 p.m. ET/PT – Saturday, August 28 on Comedy Network

Stoner comedian Jim Breuer (Half Baked) clears the air and chronicles his transformation from childhood to parenthood.

8:00pm – Saturday, August 28 on /A

Also airs at 9 p.m. AT on /A Atlantic

When a patron dies of a possible case of poisoning in the restaurant, Chef Gus (David LaHaye, The Red Violin) is sent off to Thailand. There he meets Lek (Napakpapha Nakprasitte, Bitter/Sweet) who promises to make him the best Thai chef. A romantic relationship develops but it’s unclear to Gus where he stands. Heeding the words of a young boy, Gus ends up under the care of a guru Dr. Mohan Agashe. After recovering from his encounter with Lek, he heads home and falls under the spell of Rose (Leah Pinsent, REGENESSIS) who has an uncontrollable appetite.