Canadian Documentary Falafelism world broadcast premiere on OMNI Television

OMNI Television is pleased to present the world broadcast premiere of the Canadian documentary Falafelism to English and Hebrew audiences this August.

Food is intimately tied with tradition, culture and nostalgia. For anyone who has lived far from home, one bite of a familiar dish can conjure up strong memories, emotions and passion. Canadian, Moroccan, and Jewish, filmmaker, Ari A. Cohen’s journey to taste some of the best falafel incurs the tales, the history, and the soul impact connected to this humble sandwich.

“Falafelism demonstrates the importance that food and hospitality can have on a culture, while aiming to show audiences the beauty and significance of sharing it with the world,” commented Madeline Ziniak, National Vice President, OMNI Television.

The story of the falafel dates back to biblical times, where traces of mashed chickpeas have been found in the tombs of pharaohs. Throughout Falafelism this popular meal serves as a window into the cultural identity of the Middle East by introducing us to people who are connected to falafel in one way or another. Whether they are hungry eaters, street vendors, food critics, musicians or academics, the falafel presents a unique approach to the notion of peace building and shared values.

“I set out to devour the best falafel and along the way discovered nations that gave birth to it, argued over it and shared the love for it,” commented Ari A. Cohen, creator of Falalfelism.  “After a few hundred bites, it became less about food and more about cultural identity, international politics, and even, a dialogue for peace.”

Join OMNI Television and Follow Ari A. Cohen on his mouth-watering adventure as he indulges in a delicious journey filled with unexpected discoveries.


Falafelism launches to English Audiences as follows:

Sunday, August 15 at 9pm ET on OMNI. 1

Sunday, August 15 at 10pm MT on OMNI Alberta

Sunday, August 15 at 7pm PT on OMNI in BC


Falafelism launches to Hebrew Audiences as follows:

Sunday, August 29 at 7pm ET on OMNI. 1

Sunday, August 29 at 7pm MT on OMNI in Alberta

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