Ten reasons why I love Rookie Blue

If you haven’t seen Global’s new show Rookie Blue, then you’re missing out.  Why?  Let me give you ten reasons why you should be watching it.

It has this chick in it.  Missy Peregrym.  You may remember her as Andi Prendergast in Reaper.  You won’t forget her as Andy McNally on Rookie Blue.

Missy Peregrym is a former model.

And had a role on Heroes.

This was Missy Peregrym showing off her abs in the movie Stick It, but I digress.

Missy Peregrym plays rookie cop Andy McNally.

She gorgeous.

But she’ll run your bad ass down.

And despite looking all soft and sweet

She can take control of the situation

Unless of course the guy you’ve just arrested is an undercover cop.

Just one of the many screw-ups these new rookies make on Global’s new Thrusday night drama Rookie Blue!

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