Space gets naughty with Forbidden Science

Get ready to slip into something more comfortable. Summer heats up on SPACE with the premiere of sexy genre series FORBIDDEN SCIENCE, Friday, July 9 at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Part sci-fi, part noir and hotter than Princess Leia’s gold bikini, this 13-episode, half-hour 18A-rated series creates a unique and imaginative world where cloning and androids seem as plausible as the real life characters they interact with.

Human cloning just got a whole lot sexier. Set in the near future, FORBIDDEN SCIENCE follows the exploits of 4 Ever Innovations, an elite corporation whose young, brilliant and hotter than hell scientists, Dr. Philip Wise (Austin Ball) and Dr. Penny Serling (Noelle DuBois), download and sell memories helping clients to live out their greatest fantasies.

In the premiere episode, Bethany Montrose (Joanne Alderson), divorced and seeking a new life, goes to work for an old friend’s corporation, 4Ever Innovations. Working with scientists who perform advanced human cloning, Bethany’s first project involves a husband who wants to be reunited with his dead wife.

FORBIDDEN SCIENCE was created by Doug Brode (Van Helsing, Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter, Iron Man and JJ Abrams’ Star Trek) and produced by William Burke (CREEPY).  FORBIDDEN SCIENCE is Executive Produced by John Quinn (PASSION COVE, SIN CITY DIARIES.)


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