M5: Weapons of War - “The Mongol Bow”

Friday, June 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel

The most powerful pre-explosive hand weapon of the ancient world – The Mongolian composite bow – is reproduced, tested and dissected. It was the largest of all the ancient empires and its success was based on the simplest of weapons – one that was essentially some string, a twig and a sharp stick – the bow and arrow. But the devil is in the details and the Mongolians of almost 1,000 years ago created an unparalleled weapon, the composite bow, which allowed them to forge the largest bordering empire in the history of the world. It was this weapon that was responsible for the creation of the “blitzkrieg” (a lightning war) where the horse, rider and weapon merged into a marauding united force.

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