Glee's second season to focus on original characters

Amidst talk that Glee was getting to carried away with its guest stars, creator Ryan Murphy has said that the new season will focus on the original cast members.

When he spoke to Entertainment Weekly, Murphy was quick to explain that the guest stars such as John Stamos and Charice will not take over the show, but work in with the original characters storylines.

“They’re really there to support the main characters’ stories,” he said. “Like John Stamos is always going to be a part of Will’s story. The emphasis in the second season is on our original characters even though we’re adding a few smaller parts. You’re gonna get more backstory on all of these kids.” Murphy said.

He also went on to say that Heather Morris’s Brittany will also have an episode dedicated to her in what will be an expanded role in the second season.

Source: Digital Spy

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