Canadian documentary 6 Rides to Sunday world broadcast premiere

The Canadian documentary 6 Rides to Sunday makes its world broadcast debut to English and Portuguese language audiences in Ontario and Alberta this July, leading up to the biggest rodeo event of the year, The Calgary Stampede.

From Calgary-based White Iron Pictures, 6 Rides to Sunday tells the story of Professional Brazilian bull rider, Renato Nunes.  Renato wasn’t born a rodeo star.  He chose to leave his family home and embark on a career as a professional bull rider and is now poised to enter one of the largest and most prestigious events in rodeo on earth – The Calgary Stampede.

“Six Rides to Sunday captures the attraction of the Canadian west as it redefines rodeo as an international sport,” commented Madeline Ziniak, National Vice President, OMNI Television.

Bull riding is the epitome of rodeo excitement and is often referred to as the most dangerous eight seconds in sport.  With 2,000 plus pounds of angry beast doing everything in its power to dismount their riders, competitors face the fact that each ride might be their last and every ride could be the difference between life and death.

Six rides on some of the rankest bulls in the world is what it takes to be crowned Champion at The Calgary Stampede and take home the $100,000 purse.  Renato is cheered on by the Calgary Brazilian community.  Watch as they celebrate their cultural common ground and share it with the audience.  Find out if Renato can tame 6 bulls to be victorious at the Stampede.

6 Rides to Sunday was produced and developed in association with OMNI Television.  It was produced with the assistance of the Government of Alberta, Alberta Film Development Program, and The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.



Premieres on OMNI. 1 in Ontario as follows:

Thursday, July 1 at 4pm ET (Portuguese)

Sunday, July 11 at 9pm ET (English)


Premieres on OMNI in Alberta as follows:

Sunday, July 11 at 10pm MT (Portuguese)

Sunday, July 18 at 10pm MT (English)



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