More viewers tune to CTV NEWS AT SIX in Southwestern Ontario

The latest survey conducted by The Bureau of Broadcast Measurement, (BBM), proves that CTV Southwestern Ontario is still the overwhelming choice for news and entertainment program viewing in Southwestern Ontario.

More people watch CTV NEWS AT SIX, then any other news cast; in fact more then twice as many people watched CTV NEWS AT SIX as the next three stations combined.

Michael Melling the News Director for CTV SWO said “we were recently honoured to win two Edward R Murrow awards but that pales in comparison to the faith that the viewers extend to us by watching our newscasts every night”

BBM also confirmed that CTV Southwestern Ontario is the home of 8 of the Top 10 most viewed programs in this market. These include the ACADEMY AWARDS, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, AMERICAN IDOL, MENTALIST, LOST and OF COURSE CTV NEWS AT SIX.

Dennis Watson, Vice President & General Manager for CTV Southwestern Ontario remarked that; “CTV Southwestern Ontario was the hands down winner in Prime time programming, not only did we have 8 of the top 10 shows but our share of tuning was equal to Global, CBC and CITY TV…combined.”

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