Mickey Rourke to appear on Inside The Actors Studio

With only four episodes left of Bravo!’s acclaimed INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO series (Season 16), this week host James Lipton sits down with Hollywood’s leading comeback actor Mickey Rourke – who also stars in the highly-anticipated Iron Man sequel which  hits theatres this weekend. 

In this episode, which Lipton calls “by far one of the most emotional shows,” Rourke holds nothing back as he reflects on his rollercoaster career, his stint as a professional boxer, and his triumphant comeback in The Wrestler. The actor also shares some of the most personal experiences of his life including details of his abusive childhood, the untimely death of his brother, and re-connecting with his long-lost father. Rourke also talks about his short career as a gangster when he was young and how he got into acting because of a drug deal gone bad.

INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO with Mickey Rourke premieres Sunday, May 9 at 5 p.m. ET / 2 p.m. PT on Bravo!

The season wraps-up with Danny DeVito (May 16) and Bon Jovi (May 23) before concluding with Hilary Swank (May 30).

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