Lost movie not on the cards

The producers of Lost have quashed any rumours there may be a movie based on the series.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have ruled out the possibility of a movie, saying they want the series to stand on its own.

“The chances [of a movie] are very little,” Cuse said. “We don’t have any intentions of doing that. This is the story we wanted to tell, and it ends next Sunday night, and we were incredibly grateful that we got a chance to do it.”

The pair also said they do not plan on making another series similar to Lost.

“The thing that made Lost Lost was the idea of doing something different and unique and the idea was special and unexpected,” he said. “We could never even try to replicate this thing. We would both die happy if Lost is the greatest television achievement of either of our careers. I hope we work together again, but who knows what it’ll be.”

The Lost finale screens on CTV at 9pm on May 23.

Source: Digital Spy


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