CTV News At Six is Manitoba’s favourite newscast

CTV News continues to be the leading choice of Manitobans for local news, weather and sports, by a wide margin, as shown by the Spring 2010 BBM Ratings (report from BBM Canada released May 6).

CTV NEWS AT 6 more than doubles the size all other local supper hour newscasts combined and is the highest rated program in Manitoba.*

Ratings also confirm that CTV Winnipeg has nine of the Top 10 regularly scheduled programs (for Ind. 2+ Winnipeg EM). CTV NEWS AT SIX is the highest rated program followed by the MENTALIST, AMERICAN IDOL: TUESDAY, GREY’S ANATOMY, AMERICAN IDOL: WEDNESDAY, CSI MIAMI, AMERICAN IDOL: THURSDAY, TWO AND A HALF MEN, and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

“CTV NEWS AT SIX has grown its audience Monday through Sunday, reflecting the trust that Manitobans place in the CTV News Team,” said Karen Mitchell, CTV News Director. “CTV News serves the Manitoba community with more hours of local news than any other broadcaster. Our website with Breaking News Alerts and Skywatch Weather Updates keep Manitobans up to date on news that matters to them.”

Vice-President and General Manager Bill Hanson said, “We are very pleased that the Spring BBM confirms that local news clearly matters to Manitobans and CTV News continues to earn the vote of confidence our viewers cast each day that they tune in. With nine of the Top 10 programs in the market, the Spring BBM indicates that CTV offers Manitobans the kind of information and entertainment television that they value.”

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