Glee considering Britney Spears episode

Pop icon Britney Spears may get a themed episode of Glee.

Glee’s executive producer has confirmed that he is interested in producing an episode of the hit show that features only Britney Spears songs.

There has been talk following the huge success of the Madonna-themed episode which screened last week about the possibility of a Britney episode, with the star’s manager launching an online campaign for the cause.

When asked by Zap2It of the possibility of the Britney theme, exec producer Brad Falchuk was non-committal but said he is “considering” it.

“The stories always come first and we need to start breaking those stories next week and figuring out what the episodes are for season two,” he said.

“And we’re very intrigued by Britney. She’s a pop icon, so it’s hard not to perk your ears up when she comes a-calling.”

Source: Digital Spy

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