Canada AM's week-long look at Autism

Beginning Monday, April 26, CANADA AM launches a week-long special series on Autism. Each day, CANADA AM will examine different issues, treatments, perspectives and resources for Canadian families. CANADA AM airs Monday – Friday beginning at 6 a.m. ET on CTV.

Monday, April 26 – The Value of Early Diagnosis
Today CANADA AM introduces Canadians to a family who believes that an early diagnosis changed the course of their son’s Autism. Beverly Thomson and Seamus O’Regan sit down with top experts for tips on how early to have your child assessed, signs to watch out for and why early diagnosis is crucial in an Autistic child’s long-term progress.

Tuesday, April 27 – Therapy
Today CANADA AM focuses on a Montreal father who began communicating with his non-verbal son, through drawings. He has now broadened out his ‘discovery,’ teaching his method to other Autistic children and their families. In studio, Thomson and O’Regan speak with a behavioural therapist to talk about mainstream Autism therapy, and a renowned Autism researcher, who will cover alternative treatments and therapy, to focus on what works and why.

Wednesday, April 28 – Day in the Life
Today CANADA AM follows a family with an Autistic daughter, from morning until night for a first-hand look at the challenges and the small daily triumphs each day brings, for a family living with Autism. Thomson and O’Regan host a panel of parents from across the country – each with a different perspective on how an Autism diagnosis changed their lives and how they cope with the challenges of raising Autistic children.

Thursday, April 29 – Adults with Autism
Today CANADA AM looks at the issue of adults living with Autism, profiling a 30- year-old man, his boss and his co-worker. In studio, Canada AM will interview his parents and an expert on adults living with Autism, to discuss the lack of support and resources for families and why so many Autistic adults seem to fall through the cracks when they leave  high school.

Friday, April 30 – Canada a Leader in Autism Research
Today CANADA AM profiles Dr. Stephen Scherer, currently a world leader in Autism research, relating to genetics. Thomson and O’Regan sit down with Scherer and his colleague Dr. Peter Szatmari, to talk about their pioneering research, which could lead to a diagnostic test for Autism. They will also announce the results of what they say is a major discovery regarding Autism and genetics, based on their latest research.

In addition, will provide additional resources for parents/families including links to support groups, different types of therapy available in Canada, a province by province breakdown of funding, and an interactive element where Canadian families can send in photos of their families and share their stories about living with Autism.

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