Kirsten Gum: Treasure Hunter Premieres on Discovery HD

Treasure hunting isn’t all about gemstones and Kirsten Gum goes off the beaten path to prove it! Feel the thrill and taste the adventure as treasure-junkie Gum takes you on once-in-a-lifetime relic-hunting journeys! In search of fossils, artifacts, antiques and ruins, join Gum as she braves dangerous environments and travels to remote locales to get the goods when her new series KIRSTEN GUM: TREASURE HUNTER premieres Tuesday, March 2 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Discovery HD. Whether it’s battling frigid waters to hunt for Dungeness crabs and rappelling down dangerously steep cliffs for rare – but stunning – sea glass, or strenuous paddling through a snake-infested marsh for pre-historic shark teeth, Gum goes the distance to unearth her ultimate prize!

Explore Mother Nature’s resources when adventure traveller Gum tours the world to dig up undiscovered gems. Illuminating precious treasures of the world that we pass by every day, Gum is ready and willing to try anything in her search for valuable artifacts.

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