Eco-Home Adventures

It almost sounds too good to be true. Half-acre building lots for only $1. The catch? All the homes must be built from scratch and residents must live “off-the-grid” – no electricity and no town services. That’s the innovative and eco-friendly solution a small prairie town devises to revive itself and stave off its economic demise. Eco-Home Adventures, airing Wednesday, March 24 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on THE PASSIONATE EYE on CBC News Network, spends a dramatic year following the efforts of the pioneering new residents who accepted the challenge and set out to build an eco-community and survive the Saskatchewan winter.

The founders of the new eco-friendly suburban dream are a diverse lot. They include an ex-military man, his wife and four kids, self-described “eco-hippies” escaping the urban madness of Toronto, and a couple trying to keep their sons healthy and safe. The group begins the adventure with high hopes and lofty ambitions – only to encounter the inevitable harsh reality. Mistakes are made – no surprise when you’ve never built a house before – early structures are destroyed; plots are abandoned and reclaimed; tensions with long-time residents escalate; and everyday maladies like marital strife, a custody battle and escalating costs complicate life.

Eco-Home Adventures, narrated by Canadian actor and Saskatchewan native Eric Peterson, sets out to discover whether a group of strangers can build a green utopia of odd-shaped, straw-bale homes in the middle of the prairie. Or will the environment – not to mention personality conflicts – derail the ambitious high-stakes experiment?

Eco-Home Adventures is directed by Leif Kaldor and produced by Leslea Mair (Zoot Pictures, Regina) in association with CBC News Network.

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