The villains cut Randy

It must have been those chickens getting loose but the team bonding sure had some impact on the Heroes as they scalp the villains in a first to eight sumo/bag challenge in a clean sweep.  It’s humiliating.

With such an emphatic win to the Heroes, the villains retire to camp to start the inevitable process of cutting one of their own.  Do they go with the weakest player on the team or do they get rid of one of the biggest threats?

You would think that after some of them have played this game two or three times that they would have learnt by now that unless you remove the threat, you put yourself in the difficult situation of having to deal with some very crafty and devious players later off who, like an unwanted mosquito, can be incredibly difficult to get rid of and keep turning up when you don’t want to feast on your blood.

Tribal council proves that the majority still haven’t learnt this lesson and poor old Randy is extinguished from the game.

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