Steven And Chris' Better Choice Challenge: It's You And Improved!

Starting March 1, take one small step each day towards a happier, healthier life

Making sweeping changes to our lives and our lifestyles is hard—but making small choices can really add up. We know that one small choice each day can lead to big results over time, so Steven and Chris have teamed up with some of Canada’s best and brightest to launch an exciting nation wide initiative, beginning March 1: The BETTER CHOICE CHALLENGE.

The BETTER CHOICE CHALLENGE is about engaging Canadians to make one small choice everyday aimed at improving their overall well-being. Each day, on Steven and Chris, viewers will be issued a challenge that offers one small step towards a happier, healthier life and supported with information, resources and an ability to register their progress at Each challenge completed and registered online earns an entry in the weekly and grand prize draws. The challenges will come from the five key areas of life: health, fitness, nutrition, finance and relationships. Whether it’s drinking eight glasses of water a day, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or skipping the food court in favour of packing a lunch…small choices equal big results.

Each topic area is lead by a BETTER CHOICE CHALLENGE Ambassador who is a regular member of the Steven and Chris family. On air and online, the Ambassadors will share their knowledge, expertise, tips and tricks to making better choices and will issue the daily BETTER CHOICE CHALLENGE. 

FITNESS: Kelly Murumets (President and CEO of ParticipACTION). 
FINANCE: Arlene Dickinson (CEO Venture Communications, Dragon, CBC Dragons’ Den)
HEALTH: Eileen De Villa (Associate Medical Officer of Health, Peel Region)
RELATIONSHIPS: Hina Khan (Psychotherapist)
NUTRITION: Peggy Kotsopoulos (Nutritionist)

Together with the help of their ambassadors, Steven and Chris will work to prove that small choices can add up to big gains for overall health and wellness and a happier life.

Joining the BETTER CHOICE CHALLENGE is as easy as completing a challenge and registering it at The site will also feature a gallery for uploading and sharing photos and stories, as well as blogs from Community Ambassadors, quizzes, tools and more! 

STEVEN AND CHRIS airs daily, at 2 p.m., on CBC Television.

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  • Chiara

    I just happen to catch your show today…..and My God!….am I happy that I did! Talk about things that are meant to happen, or in this case be watched!

    I will be paying more attention online to your shows!

    Thank you

    Love & Light
    Chiara Recine