February 2010

The Bugatti Veyron, the Aston Martin DBS, the Ferrari Modena Stretch. Discover what it would be like to get behind the wheel of some of the most expensive rides that money can buy! Shot in dazzling High Definition, the epitome of extravagant luxury and world-class craftsmanship comes together in the exclusive Discovery HD premiere of WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES beginning Monday, February 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. With a glimpse into the no-limits lifestyle of billionaires’ cherished toys – including a visit by late night comedian, Jay Leno – WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES features anything that rolls, floats or flies – and is spectacularly luxurious. From California and Italy, to Alabama and Amsterdam, each action-packed half-hour episode showcases everything from one-of-a-kind vintage classics, 21st century supercars and eco-friendly green mobiles.

With exclusive access to some of the most unbelievably lavish motorized vehicles ever crafted, each episode of WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES scours the globe to find three “rides,” displaying all the ornate details that make each one special. From the Midnight Rider – an 18-wheeler limo with three lounges, a bar and a dance floor; to the Conquest Knight – a military-grade armour SUV with luxury carpeting and leather interior; and the Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus – the most expensive RV in the world; WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES reveals all that money can buy!

Monday, February 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel

With a glimpse into the no-limits lifestyle of billionaires’ cherished toys, WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES profiles the most sumptuous and extravagant cars, planes, boats and motorcycles from around the world. Each episode features three “rides” – anything that rolls, floats or flies and is spectacularly luxurious – showcasing the precise craftsmanship, extraordinary details and lavish features that make each vehicle exceptionally rich.

I admit, I have a bit of an obsession with Richard… an addiction, if you will.

He’s always just so suave, always so collected, and always, cool. SO MANY people have asked me what is to become of him now that he’s drinking again. I only hope this episode serves to address at least some of your many concerns about the Chief.

We had always talked about doing a flashback episode, and from day one, Season One, Shonda has emphasized that Richard and Ellis got together at least partially because of the fact that they were the only black and the only woman resident in their class.

Being outcasts, they were naturally drawn to each other (and passion did the rest). They were residents in the early 80’s and of course the BIG thing about the early 80’s was that weird new disease they eventually called AIDS.

I think one of the most chilling lines in the episode is when Young Richard says, “They could find a cure for this tomorrow, or next week,” because you know he probably really believed it… and here we sit 18 years later with no cure.

What better case to highlight Richard and Ellis and their irresistible draw to each other. There was nothing that could keep them apart, and a patient like this, who was an outcast himself, could only pull them even closer together.

As one of the crew members put it, what a cool way to tackle racism, sexism, and homophobia in one fell swoop! Side note: It was so fun to recreate 1982! The crew worked SO HARD to make this happen and did an AMAZING job.

How great was it to see the Richard/Ellis dynamic? Ellis was a force to contend with. Shall we say she was … a “maneater?” There were basically two categories that were prevalent among female surgical residents in those days: feminine, or macho.

I’ll give you one guess as to which one Ellis was.

She was a surgeon first and only incidentally female. She put her defenses up against any challenge to the way she thought the world should be, and lashed out when her plan was interrupted. Is it any wonder Meredith ended up so dark and twisty?

But it’s not all about 1982. We also get to see Richard as he became Bailey’s mentor, helping to shape little Mandy Bailey into the Miranda Bailey we see today … and the Richard we saw in 2006 makes Callie shake in her shoes a little bit.

Sunday, February 21 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

The Walker family shares love and loss on Valentine’s Day as Sarah rediscovers the love of her life (guest star Gilles Marini, Sex and the City); Kitty makes a grand entree in to politics with her family and new campaign manager by her side (guest star Cheryl Hines, Curb Your Enthusiasm); Justin and Rebecca face the struggles of impending parenthood; and Holly makes a tough decision about what to do with her shares of Ojai.

Police say the taser saves lives in high risk situations, but Tasered, airing Sunday, Feb. 21, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, on THE PASSIONATE EYE on CBC News Network, shows dramatic footage of the weapon being used indiscriminately: against a grandmother pulled over for speeding, an intoxicated woman, and a student asking a politically-charged question. And taser use is spreading—in 43 American states, civilians can buy tasers. The cameras visit a house party where pink tasers are marketed to women as an alternative to carrying a gun. As Taser International launches its new line of weapons with new claims about safety, the documentary probes the growing controversy.

Tasered is produced, directed and written by Lynn Raineault for Joe Media Group in association with CBC-TV.

With a reputation that precedes them, pit bulls are the world’s most misunderstood breed of dogs. Once ranked among America’s top five favourite pets – and known as the “nanny dog” for their gentleness with children – pit bulls have fallen from grace, outcasted by society with the likes of ex-convicts. Now, in an effort to transform pit bull and parolee stereotypes and repair both their tarnished reputation – and lives – comes an emotional new series from Animal Planet, PIT BULLS AND PAROLEES. Premiering Saturday, February 21 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, PIT BULLS AND PAROLEES follows Tia Maria Torres, a 49-year-old mother, renowned pit bull trainer and founder and owner of Villalobos Rescue Center – the largest pit bull rescue and rehabilitation facility in the U.S. Together with her staff of ex-convicts – the guys no one else will hire – fiery drama and unexpected joy results as Torres battles to give both man and man’s best friend a second chance, while trying to reposition public perception toward pit bulls.

PIT BULLS AND PAROLEES follows the turbulent drama and bittersweet moments as ex-convicts and ill-reputed dogs come together to strengthen one another. Sharing the same dominant traits of a pit bull – determination, agility, strength and energy – Torres has the power to make a positive change for the prison community and the dog world.

Watch as one woman fulfills her dream of saving pit bulls from dangerous and abusive situations and gives parolees a chance to repair their reputations and their lives. Fighting stereotypes against both pit bulls and parolees, Torres wants people to understand that these dogs can make good pets for the right owners and that people should think twice before they judge this breed and the men at her ranch who help save them.

“Not many are willing to give a second chance to these parolees,” says Torres, “but I have.  And now the ‘bad boys’ of society meet the so-called ‘bad boys’ of the canine community, and boom! Just like that – they create magic together. They bring out a side of each other that’s sweet, warm and unbelievably touching.”

Saturday, February 21 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT

Two hundred pit bulls, six convicted felons on parole, and four dusty hectares in the middle of nowhere. Welcome to the Villalobos Rescue Center – the crossroads for a chance at redemption for both man and man’s best friend. At the centre of it all is one extraordinary woman – Tia Maria Torres – one of the most renowned pit bull trainers and founder of the centre. In this new Animal Planet series, Torres works against all odds to save PIT BULLS AND PAROLEES from dangerous and abusive situations and helps repair both their reputations and lives.

Sunday, February 21 – 9:30pm ET/PT on Global

When Stan admits that his heroes include Ronald Reagan and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, including Michael Eruzione and Rob McClanahan (guest-voicing as themselves), Roger confesses that he played on the team as Chex LeMeneux. But when Roger admits that he took steroids to win, they both lose.

Sunday, February 21 – 8:30pm ET/PT on Global

Cleveland Jr. lands a job working at The Stool, but when he starts commenting on the number of beers his father consumes and sets limits on the guys’ time at the bar, a feud erupts between father and son. Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig guest voices, along with Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical), David Lynch (Twin Peaks) and Ed Asner (Up).

Sunday, February 21 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

When Miss Hoover asks her students to research their family history, Lisa is horrified to discover that most of her ancestors were bad people – a motley crew of horse thieves and deadbeats. But while rummaging through the attic, she learns that her family was also part of the Underground Railroad. When Lisa’s classmates refute her story, Lisa is determined to exonerate her family’s name. Wren T. Brown (Curb Your Enthusiasm) guest voices.