February 2010

Wednesday, February 3 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Booth and Brennan examine disfigured remains that oddly relate to biblical text. They discover that the victim was a patient at a sanitarium, and have trouble sorting through the list of suspects they uncover.

ew Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery) has made quite an impression on fans this season already, and we have only begun to explore his character.

With his good looks and charm, it was really just a matter of time before the Mercy West transplant got some lovin’ on Grey’s Anatomy. The only question is, who with?

Grey’s is getting a little crazy,” he told TV Guide Sunday. “I think there’s going to be a lot of changes for my character. Jackson Avery has a lot of big things happening.”

And yes, that means romance.

“There’s a lot of relationship changes. Within the group,” he teases. Asked if sparks fly between he and a fellow Mercy Wester or Seattle Grace original, he played it coy.

“Well, because it might be one of both,” says Williams. “Jackson … he’s a man.”

Tuesday, February 2 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel

Beginning with Egypt and Turkey then onward to Europe and the American continent, Season 2 of TREASURES FROM THE PAST reveals beauties unique to each site – remains of past glories, cultural treasures, food-related historical gems and amazing natural wonders.

Tuesday, February 2 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Peter’s appeal trial begins; Alicia defends a wealthy client whose innocence she doubts; a felon Diana successfully prosecuted is about to be released from prison.

Tuesday, February 2 – 9pm ET/PT on Global

A crime scene poses a security risk when the team discovers the location was used to create a deadly toxin that is now missing.

Tuesday, February 2 at 8pm ET/PT (7:00pm CT, 9pm MT) on Citytv

This week, contestants are surprised by the return of the blue and yellow teams, who were sent home after the first challenge of the season. Now they’re back, 30 days later, to weigh in and try to earn a spot back on the ranch. Then a vigorous football challenge tests everyone’s stamina, except for one player sidelined with medical issues, and provides immunity for the winner – but a big disadvantage for the losing team. Later, after another elimination round sends a player home, host Alison Sweeney surprises the contestants with exciting news.

Tuesday, February 2 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

The NCIS team has to thwart an attempt by a group of terrorists to detonate a bomb before it’s too late.

Taylor Swift has had quite the year. After exploding onto the scene a mere couple of years ago, she quickly made her way from the country music market to mainstream music. 2009 and 2010 (so far) have been two of the best years for the young star, and while she’s clearly popular, many are questioning whether she deserved the Grammy wins.

Okay, fine, she’s popular, she’s young, she appeals to a number of demographics. That makes her the ideal candidate for a People’s Choice Award; but has she really earned the right to a Grammy, the Academy Awards of Music which many artists wait a lifetime for?

I don’t have that answer, but tell me what you think!!

Weekdays – 7:30pm ET/PT *NEW TIME* on Global

On Monday, February 1 don’t miss all the comprehensive Post-Grammy Award coverage, detailing the biggest night in music from behind the velvet rope. Then on Tuesday, February 2, ET Canada gets reactions on the Oscar Nominations, plus an interview with former Olympic athlete Ben Johnson. On Wednesday, February 3 and Thursday, February 4, ET Canada is on board the Miami Soap Cruise with Canadian Cameron Mathison and Don Diamont. Finally, on Friday, February 5, ET Canada has a new interview with former Olympic figure skater Elizabeth Manley.

Monday, February 1 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Fueled by his vision of Emma in danger, Peter tries to rescue Sylar; H.R.G.’s past is revealed; Lauren tries to stop Samuel.