Jon Gosselin Settles Lawsuit with TLC

You probably don’t care anymore, because the 15 minutes of fame post-Jon & Kate Plus 8 has long expired. But, Jon Gosselin has finally reached a settlement in the lawsuit and countersuit that ultimately put an end to the TLC show.

It was announced by TLC on Wednesday, and since then Jon’s lawyer has issued a statement, indicating that perhaps the Gosselins, whether just the parents or the children, might appear on the network that they were estranged from.

“Jon has expressed his desire to close the litigation chapter of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ he said. “Sometimes litigants that kiss and make up find their relationship is much better the second time around. As Jon’s attorney, I truly hope this new adventure for TLC and the Gosselins is a much more joyful journey.”

Only time will tell, but as predicted, Jon Gosselin has seemingly smartened up and realized that if he wants to stay in the limelight, he’d better stick with what got him there because interest is waning.

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