Heroes vote off Stephanie

If there’s one thing I hate watching in shows like survivor it’s seeing people who are physically strong getting hammered by the elements and the environment.  Seeing Boston Rob have a spell of unconsciousness must have sent chills through the villains camp as the reality of the environment they find themselves in impacts their very lives.  How cool must it have been though to come back from that and win the immunity challenge?

While the villains have to deal with nearly losing the very person who seems to be pulling their tribe together, the heroes seem to be falling apart.  It’s embarrassing.

For the second week in a row the Heroes get their asses handed to them at the immunity challenge because they just can’t get it together and work together as a team.  James just wants to win but first they’re going to have to sort out their various differences and stop pulling in multiple directions.

Tribal Council airs a lot of laundry. James goes on the attack and lets Stephanie know that he’s no fan of hers but Tom rallies to her defense.  It’s not pretty.

Stephanie quickly learns that James isn’t the only one who thought lowly of her as her torch is extinguished and she becomes the second person booted off the island.

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