ET Canada: Olympic Coverage Continues

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ET CANADA continues its Olympic coverage with a stop at Hello Magazine’s figure skating photo shoot on Monday, February 15.

On Tuesday, February 16, Barenaked Ladies’ Tyler Stewart provides a tour of Vancouver hot spot Molson Hockey House.

ET CANADA catches up with Olympic figure skater Patrick Chan at his photo shoot for the new Harry Rosen campaign on Wednesday, February 17.

Then, on Thursday, February 18, ET CANADA reveals a day in the life of iconic Olympian, author and aspiring Liberal Party candidate Ross Rebagliati.

Olympian Mark Tewksbury discusses the pressures of gay athletes and his involvement in the Vancouver 2010 Pride House on Friday, February 19.

Also next week, don’t miss ET CANADA’s look at the hottest bachelors from the worlds of film, television, music and sports including Ryan Gosling, Corey Monteith, Drake and Sidney Crosby.

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