Atlas Premieres on Discovery HD

World culture comes alive in striking High Definition and with innovative storytelling when three all-new episodes of ATLAS premiere exclusively on Discovery HD, beginning Saturday, February 20 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Kicking off the journey from a land of pyramids, pharaohs and the river Nile comes ATLAS: “Egypt”. The following week, ATLAS: “South Africa” transports viewers through millions of years of evolving geography and climate – past, present and future – where bushmen battle to keep their traditional way of life. Finally, the captivating expedition continues with ATLAS: “Russia” where the people of new Russia are beginning to embrace their past once again following the crippling collapse of the Soviet Union.

For many who haven’t had the chance to explore in-person the rich history and thriving culture of Egypt, South Africa and Russia, Discovery HD’s ATLAS presents – in remarkable High Definition – a lively portrait and in-depth investigation of each stunning locale. Uncovering extraordinary and surprising connections between the landscape, natural history and indigenous people, ATLAS uniquely uncovers the “hows” and “whys”, acting as your own personal tour guide through each spellbinding country.

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