The 40 Year Secret

The 40 Year Secret, airing Monday, Jan. 25, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, on THE PASSIONATE EYE on CBC News Network, tells the dramatic tale of a high school romance rekindled after 40 years and the couple’s search for the love child that they were forced to give up.

In the 1960s ‘free love’ had a price. Society still considered pregnant unwed teenaged girls to be “tainted”, a scandal to be hidden away. Many young women were pressured into giving up their babies for adoption and were then told to pretend nothing ever happened.

Linda Dawe and Ray Cave were forced apart by their parents and their lost child became their forty-year secret. In the documentary, the young lovers reunite at their high school reunion, after forty years apart. The 40 Year Secret is their powerful journey from scandal to redemption.

Narrated by acclaimed Canadian actress and director Sarah Polley, The 40 Year Secret is written and directed by Mary Anne Alton, and produced by Mary Anne Alton and Deborah Parks for Dundas Productions Inc. in association with CBC News Network. Toronto filmmaker Mary Anne Alton and the reunited couple, Linda Dawe and Ray Cave, are available for interviews.

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