Supernanny: Patricia and Greg Hallenbeck

Friday, January 15 at 8:00pm ET/PT (7:00pm CT, 9:00pmMT) on Citytv

Patricia and Greg are grandparents who should be enjoying their golden years. Instead, 25-year-old daughter Kristin Hallenbeck still lives at home, and has two terrors — Jordon (6) and Jaydon (4), whom she expects her mother to raise while she surfs the net, watches TV and texts friends. Kristin doesn’t get along with her own parents and the lack of respect has carried into the next generation. The boys completely act out and, like their mother, have no respect for Patricia and Greg. They walk all over their grandparents who are exhausted by their constant fighting, backtalk and misbehavior. Kristen openly criticizes and undermines her mother over things like what her kids eat and whether or not the children need to follow their grandparents’ wishes. Jo candidly admits she’s horrified, disgusted and “gobsmacked” by Kristin’s selfishness, and plans a serious wake-up call for this family.

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