Save Cityline!

I recently sent a complaint to Cityline staff after watching one too many idiot comment made by Tracy (after cutting off the guest mid-sentence, of course). Apparently the folks at Cityline see me as part of a minority as opposed to the majority “who love her!”. I would love to see actual members of this “majority” (none of whom exist around me in real life) speak of their love for Tracy on the Cityline forum as well as members of the “minority” who dislike her.

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  • Anonymous

    I just noticed that you can no longer access the forum for Cityline.

  • calli

    I’ve noticed that too; it could be a technical issue but it also might be their response to the overwhelming amount of comments that called for change. However, there are other forums and blogs where you can voice your opinion:


    I came across an interview with Tracy Moore while searching for these forums and had to laugh at some of her comments:

    “{snip}I think our audience is pretty savvy. I think they can sniff out inauthenticity a mile away. {snip}” yes, we are savvy and that’s why most of us have stopped watching!

    “Certainly CityLine doesn’t belong to me alone, it belongs to the viewers and all the guest hosts that come in as well, but this is what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. “

    “It belongs to the viewers and all the guest hosts”? Then why haven’t she addressed any of the massive amount of suggestions and complaints that were voiced on the Cityline forum (to stop interrupting the guests, to stop making the shallow, self-absorbed comments, to cut back on her unfunny attempts at self-deprecation where she cuts off the guest to bring attention to her inability to cook, craft, etc., to stop commenting on the model while ignoring the clothes they’re wearing, just to name a few)?

    The producers of Cityline, forum moderater Suzanne Ellis and Tracy Moore have demonstrated that Cityline belongs to them and the minority group of viewers who find the current show entertaining.



  • Anonymous

    Tracy is really crummy. Quite immature and she is always interrupting her guests and she pushes her opinions constantly…an uninformed know-it-all, a braggart, a snob with a bad attitude.

  • Denise

    I could not agree more. Tracy should zip it. I turn on the show.only to turn off again. I use to watch this show, when Marlyin was hosting, somtimes twice in one day, she always made me is not the same without her.miss her pls listen to your audience.Need New Host.Steven and Chris take over pls

  • MB

    Tracey needs to button it up. We don’t need her commentary when a guest is speaking. Why can’t she just listen first and then ask her (often dumb) questions? She uses all of the catch words and in the end comes across as inauthentic.

  • Aold

    Agree she is very annoying and vary vacant, says she is a role model for girls but acts and talks like a spoiled, air head, can’t watch for even a minute.

  • Sirena

    It’s hard to believe Tracy Moore is still on TV.  Everything about her is phony, from the wigs to her attitude.  Fashion Friday will never be the same.  I have to watch it with the sound muted.  Otherwise, there are endless interruptions and lame comments from Tracy, along with her startling cackle of a laugh.  It’s so much better with a guest host like Jennifer.

  • Anonymous

    WOWO.. Marilyn is more watchable than Tracy? All of you must be over 80 because Tracy is cool, and a joy to watch. She is witty,  funny and informative. I’d like to see any of you try to host a live tv show.. its not an easy job. Marilyn was great in her prime.. but that has passed. Cityline is entertaining and fashion fridays are a staple! Marilyns show is ripping off cityline ideas. They cant even keep guest experts!! CITYLINE FAN ALL THE WAY!!!

    • Anonymous

      Live? Tracy Moore couldn’t host a live show if her life depended on it. It’s taped and broadcast a week later. She’s a horrible host. Fake and annoying.
      At least The Marilyn Dennis show is live!

      • Mitz77

        I have made comments in the past…It was not about missing Marilyn, it was about a host that would be competent to take over. Tracy absolutely!!! clearly was not competent…and still is not. I have expressed the same views as all the people above in a variety of ways. I am truly embarrassed and find myself yelling at the TV when I decide to tune in. My newest pet peeve is that she ALWAYS makes it sound that she does anything the experts are talking about…”me too”, “yup”, “I like ti too”, “i do it too”. If the host speaks negatively about something..she agrees..if the next expert speaks positively about the same subject…she agrees as well. I am sick and tired of Tracy making it sound like she is right “in there” with the latest and the greatest. BUT MY BIGGEST pet peeve is when she has to touch EVERYTHING. She cannot go through as segment without having her fingers on something. Please watch. I think she has a compulsive disorder and some experts know about it because they seem to smooth her feathers by asking her to feel “it”, touch “it”, help in some way..just for her not to take a “hissy” fit. Oh yes and that gawd awful fake friggin laugh of hers making it sound like she actually thinks something is funny. She is horrible.

        • Marilyn Fan

          Have to agree about Terrible Tracy’s compulsion to touch everything, including the hair of women having a makeover. If she touched my hair, I’d slap her hand away. Is it because her own hair is so awful that she has to wear untouchable wigs? Those ugly wigs often make Tracy look bald underneath. I’ve even seen her take glasses from women’s faces, put them on and mug for the camera. She does the same with hats. She is a camera hog, both visually and orally. But what do you expect from a narcissist?

          • Marilyn Fan

            Now I’m thinking that Tracy has to touch everything– including playing with food– to try to give the impression that she actually knows something about the subject being discussed.
            I just saw the last minutes (tv on mute, of course) of Cityline. Mairlyn showed her bra as something she couldn’t live without, and Terrible Tracy actually grabbed the bra, put it on and kept it on, totally upstaging Mairlyn. But what do you expect from a narcissist?

          • DecorDiva

            I agree that Tracy has to have her hands on everything. This week she took a bowl from Riccardo during his segment. Then during a Three Chefs show she was extremely rude to Massimo. She blabbed over him the whole time, making a statement about him being like her mother, and made fun of him because the stove wasn’t hot enough, waved her hand over the element and asked if there was anything else that they should fix. If I was Massimo I doubt I would want to do another segment with her. I didn’t think it was possible for her to be worse than when she first started hosting Cityline, but she is.

          • Gund bala

            I have complained too, maybe first time in my life and I am 55 yrs old. Basically told i am the only one who feels negatively. Rude, irritating, fake and whiny voice… also being a woman of colour I think she has a chip on her shoulder about defending some developmental issues. I PVR & watch only fashion friday shows on Saturday mornings with my coffee. Sometimes my hubby will hangout in the same room and his major complaint is that she talks over the guests who we are trying to learn from. Never too late to learn from other great role models. She is young. LISTEN is the key goal for her I would say.

          • Sirena

            The imbecile proves every week that she can’t change. She’s not even young and is entirely set in her narcissistic behavior. Check out how much time the camera is on her even when the guests are speaking. What is up with that? My guess is they are ordered to keep her mug on camera or lose their jobs. So we are forced to look at her cosmetic surgeries (nose job at the very least), botoxed forehead (at the very least), and wigs. I just want to see the fashion show without having to see and hear her endlessly.

          • Cindy

            I try to watch. I really like some of the guests. I have noticed lately some of her guests have left her show for Marilyn. Smart move. Please find another host so I can watch a full episode!

  • I stopped watching Cityline when they got rid of Marilyn. Marilyn is better at the job and has a lot more class that Tracey. I did complain years ago and the Cityline staff answered by saying…we are sorry to hear you are not comfortable with our decision but hopefully you will be back someday….never happened.

  • toby

    I can’t stand the way she dresses.  They are always talking about looking sexy on Cityline, but can’t sexy also be tasteful. 

  • vintagelunettes

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I seriously CAN NOT stand Tracy, she is crass, tactless, and not at all right for this show. I love watching CityLine for all the wonderful segments. It’s a well rounded show for women with great guests, but Tracy acts like a spoiled child that needs to always be the centre of attention. Please save this show before it’s too late. 

  • Carelia

    I was able to unmute Fashion Friday this week!!!  Jennifer Valentine was hosting…yay!!!

  • Sharon

    Cannot stand Tracey Moore…..Annoying is only half of it. Terrible interviewer and always Cuts people off. Please change this host. Used to love Cityline and now I don’t even tune in…EVER! Get rid of her please and get someone that actually knows what they are talking about.

  • Deb

    I have to agree – Tracey Moore has a mean streak. She likes to bully guests that she can intimidate, but she does it in a very conniving way. She would laugh it off as a joke, but it’s a joke on the guest’s expense. It’s the old, “It’s only a joke!..” passive aggressive trick. Too bad, she could be better.

  • realtori

    will not watch. with all the talent in canada….PLEASE get a new host, i used to love this show!

  • SaveCityline

    A recent cringe-worthy moment was when Derek Selby was explaining how a self tanner works even on darker skin like Tracey’s and the dolt cut him off to loudly shriek “of course, it’s still skin!” – how embarrassing for him.

  • Girl Wednesday

    I’ve complained to Cityline in the beginning as well. At first they kept saying to give her a chance; that it was just growing pains. Now they are just under the delusion everyone loves her, yet I keep hearing from people that they’ve stopped watching the show. My complaint is fashion Friday . Lynn spence comes up with ridiculous outfits. And the models are crap. Not attractive, bad hair cuts and ugly tattoos.

  • RoseB

    I am so disappointed that Tracy is still on Cityline. As others have said she cuts off all her expert speakers… We tune in to listen to them.. not her. She’s a host not an expert.. New host please!

  • DecorDiva

    I also find Tracy Moore very annoying and to make it worse I find the show has been dumbed down since she began hosting. Some of the new guest “experts” segments offer very simplistic advice, as in nothing more than common sense, and the guests with more expertise aren’t able to get through a segment without Tracy talking over them.

    • LondonGirl

      Couldn’t agree more, Tracy thinks this is the Tracy Moore show. I have no interest in her opinions, nor her husband and kids. I have all but stopped watching this show except by accident. This is one self absorbed Oprah wannabe

      • DecorDiva

        I think Rogers is promoting her as the Canadian Oprah, but the marketing they do for her doesn’t make her any less rude or more knowledgeable. In fact this week I think she was more rude to her guests than ever. This week she took a bowl from Riccardo during his segment. Then during a Three Chefs show she was extremely rude to Massimo. She blabbed over him the whole time, making a statement about him being like her mother, and made fun of him because the stove wasn’t hot enough, waved her hand over the element and asked if there was anything else that they should fix. If I was Massimo I doubt I would want to do another segment with her. I didn’t think it was possible for her to be worse than when she first started hosting Cityline, but she is.

  • Selena

    Tracy is passive aggressive, comes off as not genuine. More like jealous child woman. I never see her be truly kind/gentle/sincere. I found Marilyn’s show & realized what I was missing! Get a new host for Cityline..Tracy is devoid of personality.

  • Sylvester

    I have been away for the winter and watched the show for the first time this week. This hostess needs some instruction on how to conduct the show. She constantly interrupts her guests, we did not tune in to listen to her, her job is to interview guest we don’t want to hear her EXPERT comments. The show is not about her.

  • Maureen

    Sadly, I have to agree with the majority of these comments. While hosting a show such as this one can’t be easy ( I couldn’t do it) but if I did I would know enough that my audience was watching because of the guests, not the host. Tracey’s questions go on too long leaving less time for what the guest is there to talk about, only to be cut off and then somehow the subject will become about her . I have loved this show for so long and have learned so much ( have probably increased the value of my home from many ideas received on Thursday!! Unfortunately patience can only go so far……

  • Fashionista

    She’s more vapid than ever – so vain and self-centered. I can’t stand the constant sound of her voice and her creepy hand movements.

  • Common Sense

    Even Rob Ford on crack could do a better job.

    • Shopaholic

      I can’t take it much longer. Tracy needs to shut up and take a breath. Lisa Rogers and her together both talking at the same time is so annoying. You can tell some of the guests are embarassed by Tracy’s big mouth.

  • Denise

    Could not watch today show. Try to understand what guest was tryin to explain about fairy gardens.. Tracy just kept cutting him off.. Rude as …. Don’t think I watch any show from start to Finish.. High pitch voice she must be related to someone higher up to last this long .. Pls pls put some one else to host if you Realy care about your viewers

  • Sirena

    2016 and Cityline is still limping along with the world’s worst host. Come on Cityline, put that open mouth of hers out to pasture. It’s time.

  • Shelley Sharpen

    I could not even get through one show…she is a horrible excuse of a tv personality. Where in the heck did she come from?? What training does she have? I think Marilyn did a good job, however, they really need a more experienced host, someone in between the ages of Ms Moore and Marilyn D. I wont be surprised if they dump this show if she continues to be the host…and that forehead….whoa.