Elijah - Encore Presentation

8:00pm – Saturday, January 2 on CTV

Never count out the underdog… he may just surprise you. Elijah is a surprisingly humorous and poignant story about the age-old struggle between oppressor and oppressee. Inspired by a true story, Elijah follows the life of Elijah Harper (Billy Merasty, Exotica), a disarmingly shy politician and aboriginal leader from Rupertsland, Manitoba, who became David to the Canadian government’s Goliath by opposing the Meech Lake Accord in 1990. Risking everything that was important to him, Harper rocked the nation by raising an eagle feather and saying “No”, in the Manitoba Legislature in an effort to protect the rights of aboriginal Canadians. Featuring a witty script and catchy music, Elijah is the moving tale of a reluctant hero who altered the course of Canadian history.

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