December 2009

9 p.m. ET/PT – Friday, December 25 on Comedy Network

Jeff Dunham and his socially reckless “suitcase posse” are back, this time, Dunham welcomes two new partners “Achmed the Dead Terrorist,” and “Melvin the Superhero.”

9:00pm – Friday, December 25 on CTV

The 1951 black and white version of A Christmas Carol, starring Alistair Sim, is widely considered to be the definitive of the many film adaptations of Charles Dickens’ classic novel. The timeworn story about the miserable old merchant Ebenezer Scrooge and how his own disappointments in life shape his view that both life and men are not worthy of his notice or concern. He displays no charity to mankind generally, and in particular, to his employee Bob Cratchett (Mervyn Johns) and his unfortunate son, Tiny Tim (Glyn Dearman). But the miserable, miserly gent is about to get his comeuppance when he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

Friday, December 25 at 9 p.m. ET

In one of the most dangerous dives of the series, the team enters a black hole to discover what our oceans would have looked like 350 billion years ago, when they were little more than toxic soup. The expedition later investigates the oldest living evidence of life on Earth, dives into shark-infested waters to test shark-repellent and uncovers how the Atlantic has been invaded by a poisonous alien fish.

8 p.m. ET/PT – Friday, December 25 on Comedy Network

Jeff Dunham breathes life into an elderly curmudgeon, a purple human-like creature from the Micronesian islands, and a self-effacing talking jalapeno on a stick.

8:00pm – Friday, December 25 on /A

Also airs at 9 p.m. AT on /A Atlantic and 9 p.m. MT on ACCESS

The King family gather together during the First World War to celebrate the holidays. The season is a time of crisis for the family this year however, as eldest son Felix (Zachary Bennett) who was fighting overseas has been listed as missing in action. Meanwhile, Aunt Hetty (Jackie Burroughs, Into the Labyrinth) grapples with loneliness and a potentially fatal back injury. Felicity (Gema Zamprogna, Johnny) searches for a new career and Olivia (Mag Ruffman Anne of Green Gables) considers moving back to Avonlea.

7 p.m. ET/PT – Friday, December 25 on Comedy Network

In the one-hour stand-up special, Dunham’s puppets offer their unique perspective on the holidays.

7:00pm – Friday, December 25 on CTV

In the CTV Original Movie Stolen Miracle, Karen (Marnie McPhail, THE STATE WITHIN) and Phil Lewis’ (Hugh Thompson, M.V.P.) first child is stolen by a fake nurse on Christmas Eve. A determined policewoman (Leslie Hope, RUNAWAY) follows all clues in order to find the baby before it’s too late.

On Christmas Day, following Global National, Global Television will air a special half-hour program celebrating Canada’s favourite hero.

Airing Friday, December 25th – 6pm ET (6:30pm in B.C.), Global National presents a special television event based on the hugely popular weekly feature ‘Everyday Hero’ that ran on the newscast throughout 2009. The segment has profiled 32 very special Canadians, each one having made significant and meaningful contributions to society. This year’s winner has been chosen by the viewers who have been voting for their personal choice at The vote has been narrowed down from the original list of semi-finalists, with the top hero and four finalists to be announced during the Christmas Day special.

“‘Everyday Hero’ is our way of saying ‘thanks’ each week to the many people all over Canada who are making a difference,” said Global National Anchor, Kevin Newman. “Each and every one of our featured heroes have made extraordinary contributions and our viewers had the difficult task of making their top choice from 32 amazing candidates. We truly believe that celebrating these ‘everyday people’ is a meaningful way to spend time this holiday season.”

In the special, Newman will announce the five finalists, celebrate each with a special video tribute and introduce Global National’s favourite ‘Everyday Hero’ of 2009. The winner will receive an all-expenses paid VIP trip to our nation’s capital which will include lunch in the Parliamentary restaurant and an appearance on the broadcast to receive their honour in person from Mr. Kevin Newman.

The 10 ‘Everyday Hero’ semi-finalists of 2009 include:

LAURA BEAUPARLANT Toronto – 13-years ago she was badly injured when her car was struck by a drunk driver. While waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive, a man she only knows as ‘Martin’ stopped, held her hand and encouraged her to hang on. Determined to walk again, Laura recovered from her injuries and now speaks at high schools urging students to believe in their dreams and warning them against drunk driving. She is still trying to find Martin to thank him. 

MATT CAPOBIANCO Etobicoke – In the last four years he has participated in eight emergency missions as part of a global medical team that provides care to parts of the world hit by natural disasters. He has dedicated himself to the task of providing drinkable water to post-disaster areas where the water supply has been compromised. After a recent typhoon hit the Philippines, Matt and his team were onsite almost immediately and provided thousands of gallons of purified water to the devastated communities.

MARK DEMONTIS Toronto – Playing in the NHL was his goal, but his hockey dream was cut short when he lost his vision to a rare eye condition. Refusing to give up, Mark was the first legally blind person to skate across Canada. Determined to still play his beloved sport and to prove that he could overcome his condition, Mark founded a hockey team for the blind where he is now an avid participant.

SHELBY HAYTER Ottawa – Four-years ago this mother of three, school-teacher and veteran runner was in training for the Boston Marathon when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Determined to still run the marathon, her efforts raised $35,000 for research. Today she spearheads ‘Pass the Baton for Parkinson’s’, an educational program aimed to help spotlight awareness about the disease. Shelby also visits schools as a dynamic example of how students can challenge adversity.

JUSTIN HINES Markham – A rare genetic disorder has consigned him to a wheelchair but that hasn’t stopped Justin from becoming a successful recording artist and a champion for people with disabilities. Justin will be performing two Christmas songs for Global National’s ‘Everyday Hero’ special.

DWIGHT HOUNSELL Ottawa – This feisty Newfoundlander who lives in a working-class, ethnically diverse neighbourhood was determined to make a neglected outdoor hockey rink useable for local teens. Throughout the winter, alone and often in the middle of the night, he’d spend hours preparing the rink. His reward? Watching as kids of all backgrounds come together and play hockey. Since Dwight started his project, police have noticed a decline in teen-based crime.

WILL THOMPSON Ottawa – A success in the business world, Will felt a need to do something more meaningful with his life and organized a rugby tournament on the Parliament Hill lawn to raise money for military families. Fuelled by a desire to continue his involvement, Will has volunteered to serve in Afghanistan and is currently training for that assignment.

BEN VERBOOM Ajax – Ben and his father spent many hours cycling on the shore of Lake Ontario and took more extensive bike trips as Ben grew older. One day when he was in grade nine, Ben came home from school to find that his father had committed suicide. No one in the family knew that he suffered from depression. To honour his father and deal with his grief, Ben went on ‘Cycle to Help,’ a 90-day bike ride across the country to raise money and awareness about mental health.

OLWYN WALTER Halifax – When she saw a photo of a young Vietnamese boy in an orphanage suffering from a huge, disfiguring facial tumour, Olwyn became determined to help him. Olwyn brought the boy to her home in Halifax and has been at his side though countless hospitalizations and surgeries and has provided him with a supportive, caring home environment. She is now preparing for the day when he is well enough to return to Vietnam. 

DR. RAY WISS Sudbury – Dr. Wiss has been credited with saving many lives due to his discovery that ultrasound can be used to immediately diagnose post-traumatic injuries. Dr. Wiss has trained hundreds of medical technicians how to use ultrasound in emergency situations, something that has been very effectively put to use in the treatment of soldiers wounded in Afghanistan. Dr. Wiss has returned for a second time to Afghanistan to train medics in the ultrasound approach in treating injured soldiers. The proceeds from his book, ‘FOB DOC’, are going to the families of fallen soldiers.

Profiles of the ‘Everyday Hero’ finalists can also be viewed at

Friday, December 25 beginning at 5 pm ET/ 2 pm PT

The world is home to an array of creatures that have evolved to survive harsh environments and brutal competition. Find out which species are among the deadliest in Costa Rica, the Amazon, Asia and the Asia Pacific.

Friday, December 25 at 4:00 pm ET/ 1:00 PT

The cast and crew of the satirical British comedy series Blackadder reunite for this one-hour spin on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Rowan Atkinson stars as Ebeneezer Blackadder, a kindly and beloved London businessman.