Michael Lohan Testifies Against Jon Gosselin

This week, Michael Lohan was deposed to testify in TLC’s court case against Jon Gosselin for breach of contract. Lohan spoke to Radar Online about the situation.

“I think the attorneys from Williams & Connolly were very thorough,” he said, “I think they did a great job. They asked the appropriate questions and they got the answers they wanted. I think they have a very, very strong case, one that I definitely don’t think they’ll lose. So good luck to Jon.”

“They asked questions regarding my involvement on a business level with Jon Gosselin; deals that were negotiated; transactions that did occur and basically my deal with [Gosselin attorney] Michael Heller,”

“There were some at Ghost Bar, Prive, and the MGM Grand Hotel,” he said about the Vegas appearances.

Based on all of this, it doesn’t look too hopeful that Jon will escape unscathed, and it’s not likely he’s going to win his countersuit either.

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