Expectations for the Return of Grey's Anatomy

Okay, so we’ve seen a lot of spoilers about what’s to be expected when Grey’s Anatomy returns in the New Year. But forget about what those so called “experts” predict. Here is what I think should happen when the season commences.

– more medicine – so far, I’ve been loving the increased focus on medicine this season. More medical drama, less personal drama. It’s likely the great old early days of Grey’s again

– no more dead people – if Denny returns, I will pull my hair out and that’s a promise. Last season’s constant “I see dead people” really got old. Izzie can come back, but leave her visions of dead people behind. Cancer or no cancer

– Meredith drama – for someone previously surrounded by constant drama, Meredith has fairly well escaped this season. There’s been very little drunken tequila nights, in fact, she seems to be the responsible one. I’m all for the Mer-Der thing, but their relationship does need to be shaken up a little bit for the good or for the bad. Sometimes there’s just too much of a good thing

– the departure of the Chief – the man needs to step back, enough said

– More interaction with the new docs – the Grey’s docs don’t like the Mercy Westers, we get that..so why isn’t there more interaction or even drama? Bring it!


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