Eight Days To Live - Encore Presentation

8:00pm – Wednesday, December 30 on CTV

When Joe Spring (Dustin Milligan, DaVinci’s City Hall, ALICE I THINK) goes missing in the rugged mountains of British Columbia, it is up to his mother Teresa (Kelly Rowan, THE O.C.) to launch an intensive hunt to find her son and piece together the mystery of Joe’s last few days. As each day passes and Joe’s whereabouts remain unknown, his family is faced with the horrifying reality that he may never return, threatening to destroy their lives and break them apart. During her search, Teresa makes the disturbing discovery that she may not know who Joe really is and is confronted with the fact that it may be too late to save him. In a race against time and hope, Teresa must unite her family and rally a community to save her son’s life.

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