The Jay Leno Show: November 16th – November 20th

More celebrity, more correspondents and more comedy in primetime than ever before! Get laughs before late night with The Jay Leno Show weeknights at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT, 8pm MT) on Citytv (s/NBC).

The Jay Leno Show line up for the week of November 16 -20 is as follows:

Monday, November 16 (10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT, 8pm MT)
New Moon Star Taylor Lautner is in-studio, Heather Locklear signs in from the set of Melrose Place for at ‘Ten @Ten’ and it’s time for headlines.

Tuesday, November 17 (10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT, 8pm MT)
Tyra Banks is live from New York with a ‘Ten @ Ten’ and the latest contestant cast off from The Biggest Loser is in-studio and Jay takes to the streets for Jay Walking.

Wednesday, November 18 (10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT, 8pm MT)
Mikey Day is back wth the ‘JMZ Gossip’ and Larry the Cable Guy is in-studio and on the track.

Thursday, November 19 (10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT, 8pm MT)
New Moon Star Dakota Fanning is in-studio and 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski signs on for a ‘Ten @ Ten’.

**Please note: Programming line-ups are subject to change.

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