The End is In Sight for Jon & Kate Plus 8

Although this week’s episode of Jon & Kate sure felt like the end of the series, with a recap of all of the drama in a one-on-one interview with Kate Gosselin, that definitely was the most honest we’ve seen her so far (for a change she didn’t dance her way around ALL of the questions posteD); the series has not yet come to an end, but it is in sight.

According to reports, the final episode of the series will air on November 23, 2009, but viewers will be treated to new footage on November 16th, though next week’s episode on November 9th will strictly air footage that was previously captured before Jon Gosselin demanded that TLC stop filming his children. No news yet what the final episode of the show will address, or if they’ll make an appearance at all.

Although we might have seen the end of the Gosselin 8, we might not have seen the end of their mother Kate Gosselin even after the show ends later this month. In her interview on Monday’s episode, she mentioned that she would love to do another show with TLC if they would have her – what they would focus on, without her children in the picture – well, who knows, but TLC has been known to do crazier things.

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