Chris Rock: Kill The Messenger on The Comedy Network

Chris Rock has a lot to say… and he’s not holding anything back. In his first comedy special in five years, Chris Rock shakes up The Comedy Network in the Canadian broadcast premiere of KILL THE MESSENGER, Saturday, November 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Taking on everything from romance to race and politics, CHRIS ROCK: KILL THE MESSENGER keeps things uncensored and off the hook as part of the SATURDAY NIGHT STAND UP series, exclusively on The Comedy Network.

Named one of Time Magazine’s  “100 Most Influential People in the World”, three-time Emmy Award®-winner Chris Rock is known for fearlessly tackling hot-topic issues throughout his 25-year career. Giving props to the hilarity of everyday life with dead on observations, CHRIS ROCK: KILL THE MESSENGER combines three performances from his most recent tour, featuring exclusive footage from South Africa, New York and the London. In this all-new, one-hour special, Rock calls out everything from annoying ringtones to the insult of a half-hour lunch break.

On Jobs: “You know how you can tell if you have a really bad job? When they give you that half-hour lunch break. There is nothing worse than a half-hour lunch break to a grown person. By the time you put on your jacket, go around the corner, go to the sandwich spot, order a sandwich, wait for them to make it, and then get in another line to pay for it, 28 minutes have passed…Do you realize even criminals in jail get an hour lunch break? Like, can I at least eat like a murderer?”

The Differences between Men and Women: “Women cannot go back in lifestyle. Ladies, remember the first time you ever dated a guy with his own car? ‘Member that shit? You was leavin’ the club…your girlfriends got on the bus… and you’re like ‘Bye bitches! I’ll see y’all later! I’m gettin’ in this warm ass car.’ And from that moment on you were like ‘Hey, you better have a car. You ain’t gettin’ with this without a f#@kin’ car”

On Being a Man: “It’s hard being a man today. Why’s it so hard to be a man? Because nobody cares about men. Nobody gives a f#@k about men. You see a homeless man on the street with a dog… you feel sorry for the dog. You say ‘We got to get that dog some food.’  ‘What about the man?’ ‘Aw f#@k him’ ”

On Stupid Ringtones: “You know the craziest thing we spend money on? Ringtones! The phone used to ring for free, but ‘brrrring brrrrring’ just wasn’t good enough for some of y’all.  I need a ring that expresses who I am. I need to hear Sexy Back when my phone rings.’”

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